When an electric bicycle uses an energy recovery system, how long will it last?

The traffic jam in Guangzhou is different from that elsewhere.

Several main roads are the most serious during the working hours on Monday and Friday.

Dongfeng West Road, three or four kilometers long, takes at least half an hour to get out.

Public transport is also “blocked”.

Several major stations such as Zhujiang New Town and TIYU west road often have to queue for dozens of minutes before they can enter the station smoothly, so that they have the title of “hell West”.

Therefore, many colleagues around them choose to ride a small donkey two wheeled electric vehicle to work.

However, only colleagues close to the company can do so, because the motorcycle is limited in the urban area of Guangzhou, and everyone can only ride electric bicycles.

The new national standard for two wheeled electric vehicles has made strict provisions on the motor power and maximum speed of electric bicycles: it has the ability to ride on foot; With electric drive or / and electric auxiliary function; The nominal voltage of the battery is less than or equal to 48V; The rated continuous output power of the motor is less than or equal to 400W; The mass of the complete electric bicycle assembled is less than or equal to 55kg; When driving with electric drive, the maximum design speed shall not exceed 25km / h.

When the speed exceeds 25km / h, the motor shall not provide power output.

As a result, many colleagues who have too short battery life and long commuting distance may only run one-way.

Fortunately, the progress of science and technology has turned the “impossible” into “possible”.

The Yadi Guanneng lidt6 obtained two days ago can ride back and forth from the suburbs to the company after being fully charged.

That’s a little powerful! Most of my colleagues’ electric bicycles usually look like bicycles with a battery and motor.

Therefore, I don’t have much hope for its appearance before I get Yadi Guanneng lidt6.

I didn’t think it was a small electric bicycle.

I didn’t think it was the wrong one to carry it.

The color matching of metal titanium gray, combined with the design style based on straight line, brings a sharp breath and is very handsome.

When unpacking under the company building two days ago, many passers-by praised its appearance and asked about its model and price.

In addition, there are different colors such as red, white, green, blue and black, with slightly different temperament, but there is always one you like.

Ttfar electric energy monitoring instrument adopts large-size liquid crystal display, which meets the sense of science and technology and practicability at the same time.

It can display various information such as real-time speed, percentage power and energy recovery, so that you can see the situation of the vehicle at a glance.

The lights of the whole vehicle include front lights, tail lights and left and right turn signals.

The tail lamp and the brand logo are cleverly combined, which is unconventional.

Headlights are bright LED lens headlights independently developed by Yadi.

They have high brightness and long irradiation distance.

They are not afraid to go home without street lights at night.

The chassis is fully armored, waterproof and easy to clean.

There is a charging interface and a USB interface under the left handle.

You can use it to charge your mobile phone when riding.

It is very practical.

Static finished, let’s talk about dynamic.

In addition to the endurance problem, under the restrictions of the new national standard, many electric bicycles have extremely poor power and can’t even go up a steep slope.

There is a big slope out of our company building.

When I go to work every day, I often see some people pushing and riding uphill.

For these two pain points, Yadi Guanneng lidt6 is equipped with ttfar 8-level extended range system.

This is a technology independently developed by Yadi, of which three core technology points are ttfar motor, ttfar energy recovery controller and ttfar carbon fiber lithium battery.

Ttfar motor, with a maximum efficiency of about 90%, has both power saving and super power.

Thanks to this, the power performance of Yadi Guanneng lidt6 is excellent.

It looks like an electric motorcycle under the full switch.

Although the top speed is limited to 25 km / h, the abundant power makes it have no pressure to climb steep slopes under low power conditions.

Thanks to CAE’s high-strength lightweight frame, the whole vehicle not only handles more solidly, but also reduces the weight of the frame by about 20%.

The 270mm long spring and the large and soft seat cushion will not feel very bumpy when passing through the gravel road.

Even if you pass through the deceleration belt and dismount at high speed, you won’t feel like taking off.

The front disc and rear drum brake, combined with the widened vacuum tire, can stop stably in rainy days.

Of course, just as the optical performance of the flagship mobile phone is not strong enough, it has to be extended enough to be recognized by everyone.

The same is true for electric bicycles.

Yadi Guanneng lidt6 adopts ttfar carbon fiber lithium battery.

Compared with ordinary batteries, it has larger capacity, longer service life and lower attenuation.

Don’t believe it.

Yadi gave it a five-year super long warranty and reached the automobile warranty standard.

If you don’t have any strength, you can’t give such a commitment.

In order to obtain longer endurance, in addition to “open source”, Yadi also used the “throttling” method.

Its ttfar energy recovery controller can convert the kinetic energy generated when we go downhill, slide and brake into electric energy through the energy recovery system, so as to “charge while riding”.

It is the same as the power recovery of electric vehicles, but it requires considerable technical strength to reduce the size and weight of this system on electric bicycles.

Consciously, you can see its “work” on the ttfar electric energy monitoring instrument.

When green is displayed, it indicates that it is in energy recovery; Above the power percentage, it shows the power you recovered during this ride.

Every time I see the green light in the “closed road test”, I feel a sense of achievement.

Is this a contribution to the great cause of human environmental protection? Of course, the more intuitive improvement is also in terms of endurance.

I actually measured that when I ran 12.7 kilometers at one go, the power consumption was 16%.

You can calculate the endurance mileage after full charge..