What are the advantages and disadvantages of cycling

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Once you learn to ride a bicycle, you will never forget it.

Remember the first time you rode a bike? In many countries, bicycles are a means of transportation to and from work.

In the daily cycling, most people are not aware of its many health benefits.

Cycling can reduce air pollution because there is no exhaust emission; No too much noise can reduce noise pollution; At the same time, cycling can exercise and enhance physical fitness; Now let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of cycling with Xiaobian of happy maintenance! Advantages of cycling 1.

Reduce pressure.

When cycling, you can breathe fresh outdoor air and see a beautiful environment.

No less than a way to reduce stress! Now some people say that when riding a bicycle, the brain will secrete a substance to relax the brain.

It can be seen that cycling is really self-cultivation.


Make the brain more healthy and active.

When riding a bicycle in the dense traffic flow in the wild, cyclists should always pay attention to the situation next to them.

Therefore, this effectively exercises the brain’s response and flexibility, and makes the brain’s response faster, healthier and active.


Cycling can also exercise muscles.

Every time I ride a bike, according to my rough calculation.

Under normal driving, the number of turns of walking 100 meters is about 50.

If you want to walk longer, the more turns you will have, the greater the chance to exercise your leg muscles.

Let the leg muscles get exercise and make the leg muscles more stylish.


It can effectively lose weight and lose weight by bike, which I have personally experienced.

I once gained weight and reached 140 kg.

When I heard that I lost weight by bike, I really lost weight and reached my normal weight after sticking to it for a month.

Therefore, bicycle is still a weight loss tool.


Can increase their cardiopulmonary function, adhere to cycling every day, but also enhance their cardiopulmonary function.

The high heat energy brought by cycling can effectively increase their own metabolism and make the blood unblocked.

Riding a bicycle is also a good tool to prevent heart problems according to my experience.

So to avoid heart problems, ride a bike.


Bicycles are also free for sightseeing.

If you have time, ride your own bicycle and go sightseeing with your friends.

Close contact with nature can not only increase your interest, but also enhance your friendship with friends.

And cycling does not pollute the environment.

It’s really a happy exile.

Disadvantages of cycling 1.

It has an impact on fertility.

Cycling will compress the genitals and make the blood circulation poor.

If you ride for a long time, it may cause congestion and swelling of the prostate, leading to prostatitis and other diseases.

If you are male, your testicles are often squeezed by the seat, and you may also have symptoms such as testicular discomfort.

Therefore, when the body is abnormal, frequent urination and urgent urination, we should pay more attention to avoid damage to reproductive organs and infertility.

2, the opponent’s injury when riding a bicycle, both hands should grip the handlebar, if the pedaling up the slope, the speed is accelerated, the wrist joint must be over stretched, if not pay attention, may cause the wrist joint to pull.

Therefore, the wrist joint should be moved in time to avoid injury to the hand caused by cycling.


Injury to cervical spine and lumbar spine.

During cycling, pay attention to the posture.

If the posture is wrong, lean forward excessively, look up and lean back on the neck, it will inevitably tension the neck muscles, and at the same time, the lumbar pressure will be relatively large.

In addition, cycling for a long time is also easy to lead to lumbar muscle strain and neck strain.

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