What should you pay attention to in cycling? Four small knowledge can not be ignored

Cycling is a very popular sport.

You can not only enjoy the scenery along the way, but also do aerobic exercise at the same time.

Do you know how long it takes to burn fat? What is the range of speed and time when cycling? What should I pay attention to when cycling? How long does it take to burn fat? Cycling to lose weight consumes 480 calories per hour, which is similar to that of running with the same intensity, and has little impact on both feet.

The best time for this exercise is 40 ~ 60 minutes.

If it is less than 40 minutes, the fat reduction effect cannot be guaranteed; More than 1 hour will cause physical injury.

Precautions for cycling to lose weight: first, master the time, which should generally be controlled at about 1 hour.

Cycling for too long will increase the risk of prostate cancer in men, which may be caused by the long-term pressure on the prostate.

The speed can be adjusted according to personal constitution.

Generally, the speed below 15 km / h belongs to medium-intensity exercise, which is suitable for people with average cardiopulmonary function.

If it exceeds 16 km / h, it belongs to relatively high-intensity exercise, which is suitable for fitness people with better cardiopulmonary function.

It is best to control the riding intensity according to the heart rate.

Young people can keep it at 140 ~ 150 times / min, 130 ~ 140 times / min for those aged 30 ~ 40, and 120 ~ 130 times / min for those aged over 40, so as to feel a little tired and slightly asthmatic.


Adjust the height of the handle and seat, and pay attention to maintaining the correct posture.

The height of the seat should be such that the heel can step on the pedal and the leg can be just straight, so as to ensure that the knee will not be bent or tiptoed too much when cycling, and it is conducive to exerting force.

When cycling, extend your head slightly forward, look at the front, lean your upper body forward moderately, bow your torso upward, hold the handlebar with moderate force with both hands, bend your arms naturally, support your upper body, and sit firmly on the hip in the middle of the cushion.

It should be noted that do not ride in a single position for too long to avoid physical fatigue.

3、 Keep the rhythm.

When stepping on the foot board, the position of the foot shall be appropriate and the force shall be uniform.

Pay attention to maintain a certain rhythm, otherwise it will fatigue the ankle and knee joints.

4、 Pay attention to air quality.

Due to the large environmental pollution in urban areas, automobile exhaust and dust will bring great harm to people in sports.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid seriously polluted weather when riding.

In case of haze, even wearing masks, triangular towels and other protective equipment, the effect is not satisfactory, and it will lead to poor breathing.

Therefore, cycling is not recommended.

People who want to exercise by cycling should try to choose places with few people, good road conditions and good air.

In addition, serious heart disease, hypertension, epilepsy, pregnant women and women in physiological period are not suitable for cycling.

Xiaobian suggested that where you choose to ride, you should choose a place with few cars and fewer people, and the road is flat.

When riding, you should look around and concentrate.

Don’t patronize.

You can’t hear anything with headphones.

It’s easy to cause traffic accidents.

Article source: the picture comes from Longcheng cycling, and the text comes from the Internet.

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