Ride to realize the meaning of life

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On the lonely road, you will feel lonely occasionally.

You don’t know what will happen on the unknown riding road.

You always feel inexplicable emptiness and fear in your heart.

We are lonely travelers and ride on the unknown road.

Escape the bustle and bustle of the city and pursue the peace in my heart.

Maybe only at this moment can I feel that I am really alive, regardless of the eyes that others don’t understand or laugh at.

We are just pursuing the dream in our hearts.

Just like Forrest Gump, we are running, It doesn’t matter where you want to go, as long as you prove your existence and that you can complete the little dream in your heart.

At this moment, we put down everything and carried simple bags.

Only our old guys accompanied us.

When we face the scenery along the way, we open our arms, close our eyes and silently enjoy the tranquility.

At this moment, we integrate with nature, feel every plant around us and every drop of water in the river.

Our hearts float with the wind and flow away with the river, At this moment, our hearts are taken away by the wind like dandelion seeds to feel the whole world.

It turns out that life can be so comfortable.

Although we have no money and no power, we have a pure heart, the original dream and the unremitting spirit.

Although with the growth of age and social changes, our future life is also imperceptibly changing, and the opportunity to ride in the future may be lost.

But our dream is still there, and our pure heart is still there, which will be our eternal driving force.

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