Cycling diary, day 129 of chasing dreams~

1、 Diary cycling in the afternoon.

I felt a little hot in my summer riding clothes.

I thought it would be more comfortable to ride in the afternoon than in the early morning.

I didn’t expect the sun to be so hot.

It’s OK to sweat.

After all, it’s winter.

It was really cold to ride from 5 a.m.

to 8 a.m.

and I was looking forward to the sun coming out all the way.

In the past, when I rode to school, I was shivering with the cold wind on the road in winter.

So what? Very simple, stand up to ride a bike and ride against the wind.

Although it takes more physical strength and makes people reluctant to ride standing, it can make the body warm and not too afraid of the cold.

In fact, it’s not easy to ride 100 kilometers.

I don’t want to give up, but I always hope to finish it quickly.

But mountain bikes can’t ride too fast and need to consume more physical strength.

Today, a fan asked me if there was a mountain bike and a road bike.

No, I have a mountain bike now.

I also want a road car, but I’m reluctant to buy it.

It’s a little expensive.

If there is a road car, of course, it is better.

Riding will save more time, but now the road is under construction, and the road car may easily have a flat tire.

Second, save money to buy Golf goal: Earn 100W from scratch, and then buy a favorite car for yourself.

The time is set to be achieved within two to three years.

(the content is still in revision) on the 129th day, I saved 00 yuan today (everything has just begun ~) III.

challenge riding for 1000 days (20 kilometers a day in the first stage) in order to keep fit and maintain a good physical state, because there is an old saying: the body is the capital of revolution.

This is a protracted battle, so we must keep our body healthy and energetic in order to continue the battle.

4、 Plus wechat that private wechat wants to know: afan202068 believes in dreams and the power of faith.

Believe that everything is possible ~..