What is the experience of riding under the stars? The Zhanjiang guy said

109 Qinghai Tibet line, 318 South Sichuan Tibet line, 317 North Sichuan Tibet line, 109 Qinghai Tibet line, 219 new Tibet line, 214 Yunnan Tibet line and bingchacha six traditional and classic routes to Tibet have seen him riding.

He has also left his mark with his car at the middle line of Ali and at the foot of Everest.

The starry sky of the 5000 meter plateau blooms in his camera The pure and beautiful starry sky on the plateau is the most moving memory of him during his riding years.

317 snow scenery.

He is a Wen’s real name Lao mingguan in Zhanjiang.

Since the first riding “plan” of “traveling around Zhanjiang” at the age of 14, he embraced “poetry and distance” on the way of cycling to pursue his dreams, setting off his own “youth storm”.

The starry sky passing through gangren Boqi plateau is really beautiful, It feels like the Milky way is around us.

National Highway 318, also known as the South Sichuan Tibet line, is one of the most beautiful roads in China.

In the eyes of cyclists, riding National Highway 318 is a “standard” for qualified cyclists.

Ah man rode in the 318 Bomi section.

On July 15, 2018, ah man embarked on his first journey to Tibet.

His riding friend Geng Shuai accompanied him.

Ah man’s equipment was more than 40 kg.

In addition to necessary clothes, tents, high calorie food Drinking water and an SLR camera ah Wen took his first trip to Tibet on the plateau starry sky on line 318.

Although the mileage was 2200 kilometers, ah Wen felt “not very tired”.

As a “novice” in cycling, he also had many unforgettable experiences.

He chose 219 on Litang prairie to see the different scenery on the way to Tibet.

In July 2019, ah Wen, who is already the leader of the school bicycle association, began to “plan” his second trip to Tibet.

This time, he chose National Highway 219 – originally Xinzang highway, starting from Yecheng County, Xinjiang in the north, He rode 219 kilometers south to Razi County, Tibet.

He had three unforgettable experiences during his second ride into Tibet: first, he had three altitude reactions – fortunately, he had “three treasures” for riding: glucose, Danshen compound dropping pills and inosine oral liquid, “and he survived after slowly adapting”.


The second is “unforgettable loss of contact”.

219 there are many no man’s land along the line.

There are about 250 kilometers of no man’s land near the border between Xinjiang and Tibet, where the mobile phone signal is not good.

On the way, ah Wen’s bike had a flat tire and couldn’t catch up with his teammates when it was getting dark.

Unable to contact his teammates, ah Wen had to temporarily find an abandoned house on the roadside to rest.

He didn’t find that his teammate’s camp was only about one kilometer away from him until the sun rose the next day.

The third snow mountain near the Spring Lake is the “most beautiful picture”.

When they were about to leave the no man’s land, ah Wen saw a snow mountain in the distance, with dark clouds on the top.

Just then a ray of sunlight penetrated the clouds and hit in front of the snow mountain – ah Wen took a favorite picture of the journey.

/ when we rode to Huangyuan County on the East Bank of Qinghai Lake, we came across a cyclist who specialized in riding Qinghai Lake.

That night, the three of us camped on the grass and just saw a meteor shower.

One meteor crossed the sky, which was very beautiful.

In August 2020, a man graduated from university.

In order to commemorate the graduation season, a man started his third trip to Tibet – this time, he chose 109 Qinghai Tibet line 109 Qinghai Tibet line Tanggula Mountain Pass 109 National Highway Qinghai Tibet line, which extends from Xining, Qinghai to Lhasa, Tibet.

There are neither mountains and cliffs nor sharp bends and falling rocks.

It is the shortest road in all the routes to Tibet, only 1900 km nachtai starry sky.

This time A man was not too excited and excited, but his car was seriously damaged on this journey – when he was approaching Lhasa, the steel bone of a man’s bicycle wheel was cracked and could not be repaired, so he had to replace it.

A man had to take a “free ride” to reach Lhasa.

The corridor was about one meter wide and had no top.

We lay in the corridor and looked up at the starry sky, and the whole person felt swallowed by the starry sky.

To the west, Tibet is the most beautiful, but there are many beautiful lakes in the Ali central line, which are locally called “cuos”, such as Namtso, Goren Cuo, Zhari Namtso…

In order to see the most beautiful scenery, ah man chose to travel to “CuO”, Ali’s starry sky.

On October 1, 2020, ah man officially opened the Ali central line to ride through Mapan yongcuo, yare Township, Cuoqin Nima went to Bangor and finally returned to Lhasa for a month.

“Most areas here have no navigation, and can only rely on satellite maps and wheel marks to guide the direction.” A Wen had prepared rations for two days before his departure, and the weight of a laptop increased to 35kg.

Most of the time he rode the Ali middle line, a Wen was in the cow and sheep pen left by the local herdsmen He spent the night in the toilet or his own tent.

Because there was a lack of water in the no man’s land, he only took a bath twice in the whole process.

One time was in Cuoqin County, and the other time was in Rizhao Meili Snow Mountain in NIMA county.

When he passed the nangabawa peak, which is known as the paradise in the clouds, a beam of sunshine just passed through the thick clouds and shone on the top of the mountain.

He saw the “Rizhao Golden Mountain” for the first time.

He felt lucky and deeply shocked.

At the end of the month, Ranwu lake.

In mid November 2020, a man decided to ride home from Lhasa – this was his fifth long-distance ride.

He chose the 214 Yunnan Tibet line to ride.

Bingchacha a man first rode from Lhasa “TUTA” to Bomi.

From here, he rode to moto – on the way, he saw the real “Jinding” nanjiabawa peak from moto “TUTA” Back to bomi’a-man, turn from Tibet to bingchacha highway – this route, which is praised by riders as “taking the worst kilometer into Tibet and seeing the most beautiful scenery”, passes through Degong highway, Feilai temple, Dali Lijiang arrived in Kunming, where ah Wen temporarily changed his plan.

From Puzhehei to Beihai dusk, Puzhehei to Beihai, ah Wen didn’t go directly south to Zhanjiang, but took a ferry from Beihai to Haikou around the south of the sea before crossing the Qiongzhou Strait and returning to Zhanjiang.

I haven’t been to many places in Tibet, Shannan and Everest…

I feel they are waiting for me, and I’m looking for him..