[the best time to ride Qinghai Lake] Qinghai Lake cycling route + introduction

July and August are the most beautiful seasons of Qinghai Lake every year.

Thousands of acres of rape flowers around the lake bloom in competition.

Golden bright yellow is scattered around the blue, and the wild flowers of alpine pastures are colorful, like silk.

Countless cattle and sheep are fat and strong.

Many riding enthusiasts come here.

The best time to ride Qinghai Lake: July August is the most beautiful season of Qinghai Lake.

In July every year, thousands of acres of rape flowers around the lake bloom in competition.

The vast expanse of blue is dotted with golden bright yellow.

The wild flowers of alpine pastures are colorful, like silk, and countless cattle and sheep are fat and strong.

The international cycling race around Qinghai Lake is held in July and August every year, so this time is the best season for cycling around the lake.

At the same time, because Qinghai Lake is located on the plateau, even in the hottest July and August, the daily average temperature is only about 15 degrees.

In hot summer, it is also a good choice to spend the summer here.

How many days does it take to ride around Qinghai Lake? Qinghai Lake ring road is 360 km long (starting from Xihai town and ending at Xihai Town, excluding the 106 km journey from Xining to Xihai Town, which can be traveled by bus or bike.

This section is the stage of climbing the plateau, and the highest altitude of the road is 3500 meters).

The ring Lake road is four circular roads, namely, West Lake Road — North Lake Road — East Lake Road — South Lake Road.

There are many scenic spots along the way.

You can stay at will.

According to the arrangement of scenic spots, Xiaobian suggests that it is more appropriate to ride for 4 days.

Kilometer stakes are set every 1 kilometer of Huanhu Road, so you can clearly know your riding distance and the rest of the distance.

4-day cycling route around Qinghai Lake and Strategy: cycling route around Qinghai Lake Day1 Xihai town → Jinsha Bay → east lake sheep breeding farm → Qinghai Lake fishery → 151 base → Jiangxi ditch.

The first day trip is about 100 kilometers, mostly hilly and rolling sections.

Starting from Xihai Town, go south along Gangcha road.

After riding for about 40 kilometers, you can see the lake about 2 kilometers on the right.

After 40 kilometers, there is a sand dune.

Many self driving tourists slide sand, ride horses and follow yaks here.

Then there is a slight uphill and downhill, which is not difficult.

Close to more than ten kilometers of national highway 218, you can ride to the national highway for another hour.

The whole journey is about 6 hours.

Tip: National Highway 218 is a major transportation highway in Qinghai.

There are many large trucks in and out, so don’t ride close to the roadside.

The cycling route around Qinghai Lake is Day2 Jiangxi ditch → Heima River → shinaihai → bird island.

The next day’s journey is about 95 kilometers, mainly in gentle and low undulating sections.

Starting from Jiangxi ditch, about 50 kilometers later, you arrive at the HEMA river toll station, and then ride on the lake ring road again.

The road surface is fresh and there is no interference of trucks.

It seems that the whole world suddenly quiets down.

The next ten kilometers are completely idyllic Tibetan style.

In many places, you can ride directly to the lake and visit Qinghai Lake at a short distance.

The cycling route around Qinghai Lake is day3 Bird Island → Buha River → Qinghai Tibet Railway → Quanji → Gangcha County → halgai township.

The third day trip is about 93 kilometers, almost the whole journey is a gentle section.

However, just about two kilometers out of Chacha, there was a difficult uphill.

It was cool after reaching the top of the slope.

More than 20 kilometers of downhill and flat road led to hargai township.

The last day of the cycling route around Qinghai Lake is the remaining 60 kilometers, with three long slopes and many undulating sections.

It’s almost a day away from Qinghai Lake.

Today’s scenery along the way is not as good as the previous three days, and the accommodation conditions after passing the bird island will be relatively poor.

Therefore, if you have physical partners, you can combine the itinerary of the next two days.

Of course, remember to get up early.

What are the scenic spots along the cycling route around Qinghai Lake? 1.

Qinghai Lake: thousands of acres of rape flowers bloom around the lake.

The blue waves are vast, and the periphery is dotted with golden bright yellow.

The wild flowers of alpine pastures are colorful, like silk, and countless cattle and sheep are fat and strong.


Bird Island: there are many islands called bird island in China, among which the most famous is Qinghai lake bird island.

The terrain here is flat, the top of the island is 7.6 meters higher than the lake, the climate is mild, surrounded by water on three sides, the environment is quiet, the water and grass are lush, and there are many fish.

It is a natural place for birds to reproduce.

Every April, more than ten kinds of migratory birds from South China and Southeast Asia, such as bantouyan, brown Headed Gull, Red duck and cormorant, breed here; In autumn, they fly back to the South with their children and daughters.

It is said that nearly 100000 migratory birds inhabit the bird island.


Xihai Town: it is the former Atomic City, a neat and quiet town.

At the bottom of the North hillside is the beautiful Jinyintan grassland.

It is here that Wang Luobin met Miss Zhuoma and wrote the legendary masterpiece in that distant place.

There is an Atomic City Museum in the town, which is free and open.

It is very good and educational.


Gangcha County: it is a place dominated by Tibetans and inhabited by Tibetan, Han, Mongolian, Hui and Sala.

The grassland is vast, and animal husbandry has been developed since ancient times.

With abundant water and grass, it is known as “happy land”.

It is one of the key pastoral areas around the lake in Qinghai Province.

Come to Gangcha to feel the bold and heroic style outside the Great Wall.

Recommended scenic spots outside Huanhu Road: 1 Chaka Salt Lake: located at the eastern edge of Qaidam Basin, about 70km west of Heimahe Township, not on the road around the lake.

From the Heima River to Chaka, you need to climb the rubber mountain at an altitude of 3800m.

You can see many prayer flags on the road.

If you are lucky enough, you can see the mirage formed on these rivers during the day.

The salt output here can be used by the people all over the country for about 75 years.


Erlangjian scenic spot: it is located in the southeast of Qinghai Lake.

Because it is 151km away from Xining, it is also called 151 base.

The gate of the scenic spot is located next to national highway 109.

Now it has become one of the most important scenic spots in Qinghai Lake..