What is the difference between riding for two days, two months and two years?

Pay attention to the “riding king” and watch the world ride! What is the difference between two years, two months and two years of cycling? Today, Xiaobian will give you a few ☟ cycling for two days: it’s really good to sweat! Cycling for two months: I don’t like climbing slopes.

It’s really laborious! After riding, my waist is sore, my arms are sore, my ass hurts…

I can’t walk well.

Cycling for two years: Iron buttocks have been trained, and injuries have become a part of the body.

There is no pain after riding, so I feel a little less.

Isn’t there a sentence, looking for abuse forever, sour and cool forever.


Ride for two days: all kinds of riding equipment should be complete.

The riding posture, not to mention, at least looks professional and beautiful! Cycling for two months: I always feel that cycling doesn’t cost much.

After riding for a month, I suddenly feel young, energetic and not upset about going to and from work.

I bought a lot of young and beautiful cycling clothes, and bought them when I saw that cycling equipment was on sale.

Anyway, it didn’t cost much.

Cycling for two years: who says cycling saves money? I promise I won’t kill you if you come out! 3.

Ride for two days: I rode the day before yesterday, but I didn’t ride yesterday.

Do you want to ride today? Twice a week, my God! I am so diligent! You must lose weight soon! Cycling for two months: I really insist on cycling three times a week! Cycling for two years: I cycled the day before yesterday, but I didn’t ride yesterday, and I still don’t ride today?! Only twice a week, my God! How few people ride recently! This must be a fat rhythm! The game is coming soon! So lazy! Can’t be counselled!!! 4.

Cycling for two days: “Well, I rode 80 kilometers today, breaking through myself and having fun.

I went to my friend circle XiuXiu: Wow, it’s so beautiful here that it’s worth riding 80 kilometers in the morning.

Two months of cycling: dress up carefully before cycling, don’t forget to take a selfie after cycling, and how can I not send a circle of friends for praise after cycling! Two years of cycling: I occasionally send a circle of friends, slowly, I feel that cycling is my business, and I like it.

Five days of cycling: I’m busy today, No time to cycle; It’s cool today, so you can’t ride a bike; It’s windy today, so you can’t ride a bike; Today is too hot to ride a bike; I’m in a bad mood today.

I don’t ride a bike…

I ride a bike for two months: I’ll be lazy and don’t ride.

Cycling for two years: today I am busy with work, and I also try my best to find time to cycle; Today, cool down, cool down, ride a bike to accelerate blood circulation and improve immunity; It’s too hot today.

It’s hot.

I sweat more and feel happier when cycling! I’m in a bad mood today.

I can relax by cycling.

365 days a year, which day is not suitable for cycling? Six ride for two days: my world, in addition to the company, home, there is also home downstairs…

The world is so big, what does it matter to me! On weekends, I like to sleep until I wake up naturally, watch the sun set, call home takeout, and then watch movies all night, holding a snack of popcorn.

If you ride a bike occasionally, your life will be enriched to two months: riding in the nearby suburbs and sweating every week has a great sense of achievement.

Biking for two years: generally, I have little time on weekends.

I get up earlier than I go to work.

I’m basically not at home.

I can’t make an appointment to eat.

I’m on call when I make an appointment to ride a bike.

Either on a bike, or on the way to a bike…

Seven days on a bike: listen to the riders,.