Riding arrangements come in August | | challenges can’t hone your will. One day riding camp!

Maybe you can ride a bike freely, but do you really know the difference between bicycles? The classification of bicycles, the development history of bicycles, and follow the teacher into the time tunnel of bicycles.

Time came to 1818; The Trojan horse car made by German Baron Carl Dulles has been patented in Germany and France, and he has also become a generally recognized inventor of bicycles.

This shows the importance of patents.

He installed a steering handle on the front wheel of the car, which is the earliest impression of people on bicycles.

It’s a strange car without horses.

In 1896, Panathinaiko stadium in Athens, as one of the nine major events in the first modern Olympic Games of the human world, modern cycling first appeared in the eyes of the people of the world ▲ the precious image data of cycling events in the first Olympic Games, as the oldest and oldest classic events in the Olympic history, “speed” and “Endurance” have always been synonymous with cycling, Cycling represents the tenacity and faith of mankind ▲ Swiss cyclist Nino Schulte was the third runner up of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the second runner up of the London Olympics, and the champion of the Rio Olympics for eight years.

From the third runner to the champion – “persistence” is the best interpretation.

More than a hundred years later, cycling is no longer the exclusive cycling of athletes to travel around the world and walk across the country with a bicycle…

Riders are not afraid of the wind and rain, Just for the persistence in your heart – when “persistence” accumulates over time and becomes a habit, it gives this sport a new meaning – “riding spirit” to operate a bike, you have to learn professional skills, so that you can drive safer and more standardized.

There will be professional cyclists here to teach you professional riding queues, gestures, traffic rules and riding training.

Riding gesture display: before professional study, the coach will ask you a boring question: can you ride a bike? Many children will laugh and won’t ride me here for what; However, when the coach finished speaking to them, he found that they were only limited to the “most basic” meeting.

After the coach explains to the children the most scientific seat modulation position, he will let the children get their bicycles, and then be familiar with the simple methods of driving uphill and downhill, and then master the gestures of moving forward with the queue.

What we need to do is to give them a bicycle and a safe environment so that they can carry out the “self-cultivation” riding course carefree and equipped with giant mountain bikes, Models of different sizes are prepared according to the height of the students to ensure the safety and comfort of the students.

The riding course provides each student with a professional riding suit: riding helmet to ensure the safety of students to the greatest extent.

Professional riding coaches accompany the whole journey, and 1:6 super high teachers and students are allocated to protect the children’s safety in an all-round way.

The riding activity site – Majiagou River ring road route is about 40km in the whole journey.

90% of the asphalt road is lined with trees on both sides, Liang Shuang is pleasant, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the river along the way.

1234 what are the components of the bike? Understand the structure of mountain bikes and the functions of vehicle components.

Learn the physics contained in the vehicle structure with a professional riding coach.

Complete seat debugging and gear shifting exercises under the guidance of the coach…

Ensure that you can start again without any risk! Can you really ride a bike? The position of stepping on the pedal, the reasonable height of the seat and the safe distance of riding…

These skills can not only save physical strength, but also protect the body to the greatest extent.

Professional riding skills, safe and labor-saving to set up road checkpoints.

How to skillfully use them requires the child’s own riding ability and the riding skills instructed by the practical coach to warm up for the upcoming 40 km challenge.

Put on a helmet and protective gear, Hop on the bike and instantly incarnate as a professional wind catcher to accept the 40km high-energy challenge! Shuttle to and from the center of the city and blend into the scene of green trees.

In the middle of the journey, you will also arrange clock outs and rest stops to ride with your friends.

On the track, you will start towards the same goal, challenge the seemingly “unreachable goal” and work hard to admit defeat.

Every persistence is a long breakthrough.

The track crossed by a bike will eventually become a unique mark in children’s lives.

A bike, a journey, A group of children are moving towards their goals, turning the scenery and experience along the way into memories, and imprinting tenacity, courage and enthusiasm in their hearts.

This cycling activity is hosted by Le hang Junior Research School.

The teacher team is provided with professional guidance and training by the giant mountain bike club.

Vehicles are provided, equipped with professional coaches and leaders.

Photographers are equipped throughout the activity, emergency vehicles are provided, and teaching guidance, safety assurance and vehicle maintenance are undertaken, Catering services, etc.

all vehicles are giante professional outdoor off-road bicycles to ensure the professionalism, safety and comfort of activities..