Riding makes you look younger than others of your age

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It can make the blood vessels younger.

After exercise, the blood flow speed will accelerate, and nitric oxide will be produced.

The role of nitric oxide is to make the muscles surrounding the blood vessels soft.

The faster the blood flows, the more nitric oxide is produced.

The experiment found that riding can speed up the blood flow by 10 times.

It can make the muscles more shaped.

Some people say that the legs are moving and the thighs will become thick after riding for a long time.

This is a misunderstanding.

After riding, the thighs will not become thicker, but will become more and more stylish.

Because riding can improve and shape muscles, especially in the lower body – calf, thigh and hip muscles.

In addition, riding can reduce the onset of these diseases for people with joint diseases and leg or hip injuries.

It can make life longer.

Regular cycling is closely related to increasing life.

According to a British study, the health status of people who often ride bicycles is equivalent to those who are 10 years younger than their actual age, while those who still ride regularly in their 30s can increase their life expectancy by an average of 2 years.

An international survey shows that among all kinds of professionals in the world, the postman who uses bicycle as the main means of transportation has the longest life span.

It will make you feel no pressure.

Riding usually requires contact with nature, fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Studies in the United States believe that these outdoor activities can stimulate the brain to secrete dopamine and produce pleasure, which is a good way for middle-aged people to reduce stress.

It will make the brain healthier.

Even in the open field and sparsely populated, riders should pay close attention to the road conditions.

Moreover, in most cases, riders have to cross the streets and alleys to cope with various traffic conditions, which can exercise the sensitivity and reaction ability of neural response, help improve brain function, prevent brain aging and improve the agility of nervous system.

In addition, riding can also accelerate blood circulation, let the brain take in more oxygen, and help to maintain a clear mind.

It will make the lower limbs stronger.

Riding is mainly about leg exercises.

According to scientists’ experimental statistics, 26 pairs of lower limb muscles need to move 180-200 times for each kilometer of riding.

At the same time, the three pairs of large joints of the lower limbs can also participate in activities, which can enhance the jumping force of the legs and delay the aging process of the joint ligaments of the lower limbs.

There are many nerve endings in the feet of people who can regulate nerve function.

When you step on the bicycle pedal, the nerve endings are stimulated by the repeated friction and pressure of the pedal, which can adjust the function of the autonomic nerve, reflect to the relevant organs inside and outside the body, and coordinate and balance their physiological functions.

It can keep the neural feedback mechanism of the human body in an active state.

This benign stimulation will relax the whole body, promote metabolism, and make the body and mind happy.

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