The fender is not comfortable with the bike!

First of all, in all competitions, the bracket can not pass the vehicle inspection; Secondly, high-end bicycles pay a lot of money for every gram of weight.

Remove the foot support and mud protection to ensure the safety of riding as much as possible.

Foot support (bicycle’s own parking bracket) and mud guard (fender) are dangerous equipment.

Many riders who don’t have these two kinds of equipment will disdain to say that they are professional here! In fact, they’re half right.

This is specialty.

Why is it that there is no such thing as these? The removal of foot support and mud protection is generally aimed at high-speed and abnormal road off-road vehicles such as highway vehicles and mountain vehicles.

The foot support and mud protection have their own functions.

The foot support can support the vehicle conveniently, and the mud protection can effectively prevent the sewage and mud from being thrown onto the body.

However, these two kinds of equipment also have their disadvantages and potential safety hazards.

Disadvantages of foot support: bicycles supported by foot support are not very reliable.

You can observe carefully.

Usually, a strong wind blows across the road.

Few bicycles or even electric vehicles and motorcycles supported by foot support can still stand.

When the vehicle falls down, it is likely to damage the paint surface of your car or damage some parts or even scrap parts.

Even if there is no wind, man-made scraping and collision may topple your vehicle.

Potential safety hazard of foot support: the foot support can be movable.

The strong vibration of the vehicle on the bumpy road is easy to put down the foot support by itself, especially the loose foot support used for a long time.

In this way, when you turn at high speed on your side or there are protrusions on the road, once the inter foot support is opened, the foot support is easy to contact the ground and overhead the rear wheel of your bicycle, resulting in the vehicle losing control and falling.

Therefore, I generally do not recommend that riders install foot supports, especially those who like high-speed cycling and cross-country.

When parking, please tilt your vehicle to the left.

Note: it must be on the left side, because there is a fragile rear derailleur on the right side of the vehicle, and the vehicle is placed on the left side, which is convenient for you to pick up the vehicle and cross it from the left side (there are not many right-handed people?)! There are also friends with disc brakes.

When you put your car down to the left, be careful that the disc does not collide with the protrusion on the ground, so as to prevent the disc from deforming under external force.

Disadvantages of mud protection: 1.

Mud protection has a certain area, which will virtually increase the cross-sectional area of your vehicle, so as to increase the wind resistance of the vehicle during driving, resulting in you consuming more physical strength.


The gap between the mud guard and the wheel is very small.

When the vehicle rides in the wet mud, the soil carried by the wheel can easily fill the space and produce resistance, which consumes the rider’s physical strength.

Safety hazards of mud protection: generally, mud protection will be thin and wide, and the materials are mostly steel, aluminum, plastic, resin and other materials with certain hardness.

It’s like a knife without a blade.

In other words, it is a sharp protrusion on the vehicle.

When the rider falls down unfortunately, the kinetic energy is great.

This sharp protrusion can easily cut your skin under the huge kinetic energy.

Especially in summer, the riders wear very little and have a lot of exposed parts.

The station wagon is a slow-moving vehicle and mostly runs on the highway.

You can consider installing foot supports and mud guards, but you must pay more attention to the condition of these two parts to see if they are loose in case of accidents.

By the way: if you see someone else’s bike blown down by the wind, please don’t lift it up to avoid the vehicle being blown down by the wind for the second time.

The first time may be nothing, and the second time it’s hard to say…