What about the abnormal sound of the middle axle when riding?

The bearing is directly pressed into the frame and is very easy to be polluted by rain, cement and sand, resulting in wear and corrosion and noise.

Regular inspection and maintenance can help reduce the probability of abnormal sound.

Talk less and start.

First, use the Allen wrench to remove the tooth disc.

Try to pull out the left crank by hand, which is usually not so smooth.

Try knocking it with a mallet.

Don’t use too much force.

Pull it out by hand at the last point to avoid hurting the crank.

The bearing was exposed in front of our eyes and was full of dust.

The intermediate shaft washers may make you confused.

Be sure to remember their position order.

Check the tooth disc for wear and clean it.

Now, check whether the bearing rotates well.

If it rotates smoothly, you can carry out the next step of cleaning; If the bearing is rusted, skewed, and the rotation has a sense of particles, please do not hesitate to replace it.

First, take a clean lint free cloth and clean the outer surface of the bearing.

After external cleaning, carefully pick out the bearing rubber seal ring with a shaving needle.

Clean up the old grease and be careful not to bring dust and gravel into the bearing during operation.

Apply special bearing grease to lubricate, prevent dust and water.

Come and go, wipe more.

You’re welcome.

Turn the bearing so that the grease is fully covered.

Install the cleaned bearing rubber sealing ring back.

Repeat the same operation on the other side.

Remove the sealing ring and reapply grease after cleaning.

Pay attention not to use degreaser during cleaning.

After the cleaning and lubrication are completed, install the crank back to the frame.

Hit the crank with a rubber hammer to push it into place.

Check the exposed length of the axle shaft and install the washers in sequence.

According to the torque standard, lock the fastening screw of the tooth disc, adjust the preload adjusting ring, and make the crank rotate smoothly.

Now go out and slide around!..