When riding outside, you should wear a helmet and travel safely, starting with the “head”!

Wearing helmets in such hot weather? Many friends’ hearts ↓↓ however, they don’t want to wear helmets for a while or wear them irregularly.

Once an accident occurs, they will face multiple losses of economy, time, life and so on! Case 1: April 15, Cangzhou, Hebei.

When an electric car went straight through the intersection, it collided with a small car turning left.

The driver of the electric car did not wear a helmet, and his head hit the windshield of the car, causing a slight concussion.

Case 2: April 27, Wuhu, Anhui.

When Liu drove his electric car to the intersection, he suddenly changed his lane to the motorway.

As a result, he collided with a car and then with the guardrail.

Liu fell down with the electric car and slid on the ground for more than ten meters before stopping.

However, thanks to Liu’s correct wearing of a safety helmet, there was no serious problem except for minor limb injuries.

Source: Shenzhen traffic police micro released millet to remind the general public that when riding electric vehicles, one helmet per person must be worn correctly.

Helmets are not worn only to cooperate with the inspection, but to protect our life safety to the greatest extent in case of danger.

As we all know, the protective facilities of electric bicycles are weak, and safety helmets can absorb most of the impact force, playing the role of cushioning and shock absorption, Preventing 85% of head injuries is the last line of defense after people encounter danger! In the simulation experiment, watermelons without helmets have different results from watermelons without helmets under great impact! The head is the most vulnerable and vulnerable part of the human body.

If you don’t do a good job in safety protection, you will only lose.

So the problem is how to choose an effective safety helmet.

I teach you! There are many kinds of safety helmets, including full helmets, three-quarters helmets, uncovering helmets, half helmets, etc.

When shopping, we mainly look at the following points 1 Select products with certificates, trademarks, factory names, factory addresses, standard codes and other signs, and the product appearance shall be printed neatly, with clear patterns and neat appearance; 2.

Check whether the product has cushioning materials.

Press the inner buffer layer of the helmet hard with your hand, and it should have a slight rebound feeling, that is, it is not hard, nor does it come out of the pit or fall slag; 3.

The goggles have good light transmittance and the helmet is comfortable to wear.

Wearing or not wearing a small helmet has a great effect, which may be the difference between life and death.

The lesson of blood in front tells us the importance of wearing a helmet.

Everyone must pay attention to it.

Every reminder of millet is to hope you can always be vigilant, strictly abide by traffic regulations, ride and wear a helmet, put safety first, and be responsible for yourself and others..