What about riding a bike and meeting “pig teammates”? Abandon or accompany in the end?

Although riding can always bring us beauty, not every ride is beautiful.

When you plan a small long distance, you find that your teammates are “pig teammates” riding a overlord on the road.

They are likely to destroy all your expectations for the journey and polish your patience a little bit.

So, when you meet the “pig teammate”, do you also have a bold idea in your heart…

First of all, what is the pig team? If the person walking with you just can’t ride as fast as you, doesn’t have enough endurance and doesn’t have enough experience in long-distance riding, it can’t be called a pig team.

At most, it can only be said that he is a novice on long-distance riding.

As a novice, you have no reason to blame him.

Therefore, the pig teammates mentioned here should be those who “ride the overlord” in the mouth of many riders.

For example: when the speed is not fast in the city, he will ride side by side with you.

When the speed is raised in the suburbs, he will always ride side by side with you.

After you remind him many times, he will always ignore it.

When forming a formation, he never pays attention to maintaining a safe distance.

As soon as you slow down a little, his front wheels can hit your rear wheels.

Even if you let him ride in front, he always deliberately approaches you.

They always make their own decisions, merge and overtake at will, regardless of whether they should give you a signal or whether the driver can respond in time.

After repeated reminders and persuasions, he always disagreed with all his behaviors and said, “Oh, it’s okay.

I ride like this.

Isn’t it all right? You’re too tired to ride like this.” for such teammates, did you abandon them on the spot? Or company in the end? Abandoning Mingming on the spot has explained to him many times that he may bring all kinds of dangerous consequences.

He still turns a deaf ear to it.

Treat the personal safety of yourself and others as a child’s play and riding as a child’s play.

Such a teammate may think that he can be called a cyclist if he has bought a bicycle with a head and face, put on a riding suit, put on gloves and helmet, etc.

in fact, it is not.

In riding, these material things are the most basic.

Whether a person can be called a qualified rider is more important in his heart.

How can a person who does not pay attention to the safety of himself and others be called a qualified rider if he still refuses to change after repeated persuasion? Riding with him is like risking our lives.

I don’t want to accompany him to verify the lessons of predecessors’ blood with my own blood.

Abandon decisively! Company after all, although after many persuasions, he still persists in teaching, but he is risking his life in doing so.

As teammates starting together, shouldn’t we go home together intact? How can we abandon him! As long as I’m still riding together, I can keep an eye on him to avoid accidents.

It’s a big deal not to come out together next time.

If we can’t keep the distance from him, we’ll ride behind.

Stay away from him, watch his every move in the back and remind him occasionally.

In this way, the accident won’t happen to us.

Shouldn’t riding friends who go out together have the responsibility to take care of each other and go home together? If the other party is a colleague, friend or the like and abandons it on the spot, how can we meet in the future? Forget it, I’d better accompany you to the end! If it were you, how would you choose? Is it to find an opportunity to explain the situation, and then abandon such pig teammates who ignore their own and others’ safety and persist in repeated education? Or stay with him in an unhappy mood and escort him home safely.

Don’t go with him again next time? Editor: Li Zhihui source: cycling..