Treasure | the second wave of summer goodies: creating a different ride

As we all know, we have entered summer ~ and the trouble of summer is that it’s too sunny.

So how do you protect yourself from the sun? Leave a message in the comment area to tell Xiaobian that he has a chance to get a reward@ Guangdong giante has car clothes and sunscreen sleeves.

How can we get less car pants@ Guangdong giante’s wide waistband design increases comfort, high-energy dark rainbow, reflective logo design @ Guangdong giante’s 120kg / m3 density reinforced perforated liner achieves excellent air permeability and support.

The elastic slip stop belt at the opening of the leg can provide perfect compression without stimulating the reflective details of the skin and improve visibility UPF (ultraviolet protection coefficient) 50 + during riding in summer, the palm is easy to sweat after riding for a long time.

At this time, The role of gloves can not be ignored! Identify the QR code or click to enter the applet to buy @ Guangdong giante @ Guangdong giante.

If the riding distance exceeds 50km, there will be some palm root pain in the hand.

At this time, the role of gloves is very important.

A pair of comfortable riding gloves can improve the compression problem and improve the way of riding experience.

So do you riders do sunscreen when riding outdoors in summer? Please vote below and share your sunscreen experience in the comment area.

Randomly select a lucky user to send a giante sports towel (Note: this activity is currently limited to users in Guangdong, and gifts can only be cashed within Guangdong Province).

For more details, please go to the store for consultation.

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516, Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (near BRT Huangcun station).

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