On May 15, chasing the wind youth cycling challenge | 20km mall cycling / event level pump cycling / experiencing BMX and mountain bike

The ride in the last issue was so successful.

The biggest change for children is: “can I do it?” “I’m so afraid of wrestling” — “it’s so simple!” When both feet are off the ground, the two wheels start driving smoothly on the scenic greenway under the flexible balance control of the little rider.

Every riding challenge is the start of the little rider’s unknown exploration! Challenge upgrade of “wind chasing youth” in this issue: 20-25km cycling! We will experience riding on flat roads, gentle slopes and downhills, which will not only test the children’s willpower, but also test the children’s on-the-spot comprehensive adaptability.

Dare you try it? 01.

Starting and ending route of 20-25km cycling on coastal highway: Gold Coast – yigulan cycling mileage / time: 20-25km / 3H + basic road condition: highway / smooth road / asphalt road.

Sister ant personally pedaled on the line and selected an excellent cycling route, starting from Gold Coast and passing through Nandaihe entertainment center to yigulan.

In other words, this cycling route: beautiful scenery along the way, you can see the sea; Less people and less crowded; Safe and less traffic flow.

Riding route map 1 the environment is beautiful, with green trees, clean asphalt roads and green riding paths.

It is very cool.

Children will not be exposed to the sun during riding.

Children can even see the magnificent coastline during cycling.

The scenery is so beautiful! This ride is on the shore of seagull sound and wave surfing, surrounded by mountains, sea and water…

You can’t miss it! Real shooting of cycling route 2 professional cycling route · safety this route is simply born for cycling.

There are few people and no motor vehicles.

It’s safe! You can take photos at any time when you get off the bus.

If you don’t hurry, you can occasionally see the duckling next to the grass, the falling pinecone, the staying butterfly…


Complete riding guarantee · reliable 1 Professional cycling equipment provides professional cycling bicycles, helmets, elbow pads and knee pads.


The coach team / life teachers are escorted by 3-4 coaches in front, middle and back, and 1-2 life teachers record the moment of children riding.


Two safety guarantee vehicles follow in the process of riding, and the guarantee vehicle and staff follow in the whole process to deal with emergencies.


Pre trip rules / warm-up training has mature team riding rules and systems.

Pre trip training ensures safety in terms of rules 02 The tent picnic in the woodland is comfortable.

There are shady lawns on both sides of the road.

When we are tired and sleepy, we will have a picnic on the spot.

We will set up a canopy and tent in advance for the children to have a rest.

The breeze is gentle and the sun is just right.

A grassland open-air tent picnic time will open immediately! Outdoor picnic environment 03 More experience and upgrade of BMX / mountain bike experience models: BMX / titanium alloy mountain bike track type: Race level pump road / mud race track model: BMX small bike suitable for height: 1.35-1.55cm model: titanium alloy mountain bike suitable for height: more than 1.55cm.

The children of last BMX small bike ride called it too enjoyable to ride at the beginning, and they played very 6 by themselves, The speed is so fast that sister ant’s camera can only capture the following wonderful moments: it’s so “speed and passion”.

Different from the previous issue, in addition to experiencing pump road riding, we also added mud racing riding experience! Chasing each other is a little more fun and challenging than ordinary cycling! Don’t you want to try? 04.

Another kind of fun.

Use your hands and brain to gain.

Assembly master: assemble / disassemble bicycles.

Visit bicycle factories: understand the safety knowledge of bicycle production process: riding knowledge / safety protection knowledge.


The practical ability of children who assemble bicycles can not be underestimated.

The children who assembled bicycles in the last phase are very focused.

Nuts, handbrakes, pedals, tires…

The seemingly complex process actually needs children’s attention and details.


Visit the bicycle factory.

What steps does the production of a bicycle need to go through? Which parts of bicycles are processed in the machining workshop? Welded into bicycle frame, front fork, derusting, painting…

You can definitely gain insight! 3 riding safety knowledge: riding is not the purpose, but how to ride safely..