Weekend activity | [Guishui River cycling] 29km leisure riding tour in Guanting, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Guihe Guanting, one of

Guihe Forest Park cycling tour is the most beautiful one of the top ten cycling tour routes in Beijing.

Here, the sky is blue, the water is clear and the trees are green.

Here, you can fully place yourself in nature and wash your mind.

We will experience it in this beautiful way of cycling.

This time, we use bicycles as a carrier to walk into nature, drive the wind and fly, and enjoy the most beautiful autumn in Beijing in the coolest way.

Guihe river is the mother river of Yanqing, winding across Yanqing County.

The scenery on both sides is beautiful, like a string of beautiful color chains.

Green mountains are far away and water is near here.

It is the best choice for you to forget your troubles and relax.

Guishui River is located more than 10 kilometers north of Badaling, Yanqing District.

It originates from Songshan Nature Reserve surrounded by peaks, passes through Longqing gorge in the East, turns out of the mountain, turns to Jinniu in the west, and flows into Guanting Lake through Guichuan around Kangxi grassland.

The river is 18.5 kilometers long and 75 to 250 meters wide, with a drainage area of 1073.6 square kilometers.

Guishuihe Forest Park is one of the 11 new town Riverside Forest Parks in Beijing.

It is the largest park ever built in Yanqing County.

It integrates ecological conservation, tourism, vacation and leisure.

It is another landmark achievement of Yanqing in building a “green Beijing demonstration area” and a livable new town.

Riding benefits 1.

The body shaping effect of riding is very good, which can make the small belly disappear, the waist circumference become smaller and the hips become warped.


Cycling can help us greatly improve the quality of sleep and improve our mental outlook.


The biggest exercise by bike is the thigh muscles.

By bike, the leg muscles can be exercised.


Riding requires a lot of oxygen, which can strengthen our cardiopulmonary function.


Cycling can help us reduce stress.

When cycling, the brain will secrete a substance that can relax the brain and make us feel happy and happy.


Riding can exercise our willpower.

Activity consultation: Xie Lei (13520184051 with wechat) Shi Xue (15321673382 with wechat) location: Yanqing time: every Saturday Sunday 07:30-19:00 activity days: 1 day activity theme: cycling activity intensity: exercise (the whole journey is 29 kilometers) activity attraction: Guishuihe Forest Park assembly time: 07:30 (or subject to the assembly information notice) assembly place: subway Huixin West Street Nankou station (or subject to the assembly information notice) transportation mode: Bus ¥ 258 / person, Discount: 9.5% for 2-3 people and 10% for more than 4 people, Or forwarding to the circle of friends will be 10% off.

Follow the wechat public platform to see more wonderful activities.

Subscription number: xmcyh2017 or scanning QR code.

The cost includes 1.

Transportation: round-trip charter fee and other ancillary expenses related thereto; 2.

Riding: 21 speed mountain bike and bike protection (please explain when signing up for children’s car); 3.

Service: professional bicycle leader, team leader and team collection; 4, insurance: outdoor insurance one day, when the application required to provide ID number; The cost does not include 1.

Catering: self provided lunch; 2.

Others: for personal consumption, please take good care of the bike.

If there is any damage, you need to compensate according to the price.

Those who quit before 12 noon on the day before the departure of the event will be refunded in full (if there is a service fee for platform registration, the corresponding service fee will be deducted, and the rest will be refunded); 30% of the activity fee will be refunded to those who quit after 12 noon the day before the event; Those who fail to make a statement at the time of departure or are seriously late will not be refunded.


Website registration: log in bjxmcy 360jlb.

CN (or the original link at the bottom of the text) select the corresponding activity and date, fill in the real personal information and pay online; 2.

Wechat registration: add 13520184051 to register as friends; 3.

Advance payment for activities: 258 yuan / person; 4, payment methods for activities: Alipay 13520184051 payee * world base, or WeChat transfer.

If you need other payment channels, please call 07:30 Huixin West Street South subway station to gather together and go all the way to the capital ecological conservation area – Yanqing river.

At 09:30, after arriving, collect the bicycle, check the vehicle and protective equipment, and explain the precautions uniformly.

10: 30.

Led by Lingqi, ride to Youjing Park and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guihe park along the way.

Riding along Yannong Road, you can enjoy the European style like the palace of Youjing garden, and carry out bicycle race around piles (physical coordination practice to test the control ability of bicycles).

Taking photos of the gallery trestle in Autumn Maple Garden will make you fully integrate into the natural scenery, and the charming scenery will make you linger and forget to return.

At 11:30, take a rest in Qingfeng garden, and then participate in the bicycle slow riding race (start with hands and feet, cooperate with each other, trust each other, encourage each other, and strive for success).

12: 00 , road picnic / picnic.

13: 00.

The beacon tower of Daying in Guihe Forest Park overlooks the Yongning Pavilion of the Expo, looks for wild birds in the wetland, and takes a deep breath in the natural oxygen bar.

14: Continue to ride to the waterfront of Guanting reservoir, enjoy the gorgeous lakes and mountains, and lead the natural scenery of Guanting.

15: 30.

Gather at the discount points and sing the slogan of charging, so that we can experience the pleasure brought by cycling together.

Return the bike and protective equipment and end the happy ride.

18: 30.

Arrive at the place of departure and the pleasant journey is over.

Reference itinerary: Youjing Garden – Qiufeng Garden – Qingfeng Garden – Jingxin Garden – Banshan Lake – shipuyuan – Guanting Reservoir waterfront note: the above time is the planned time.

If the itinerary is still delayed, changed and cancelled due to unpredictable and uncontrollable factors such as bad weather, traffic control, traffic jam and road construction, epidemic prevention and control, and under the active coordination of the team leader and other relevant personnel, The team leader and the event organizer have the right to adjust the event without financial responsibility, and all participants can understand and support it..