[riding in China] riding along the greenway of three rivers and one mountain, we are wind chasing teenagers!

Click the blue words above to pay attention to our activity introduction, sometimes through the forest, sometimes through the lake, ride around the lake and ride against the wind.

Join us as a wind chaser! To see the beautiful scenery near the lake, breathe the natural oxygen bar, and let your eyes be soaked with refreshing green.

When you are tired, find a grassland and have a roadside picnic.

It is the most perfect day I can think of – riding on the green road of three rivers and one mountain in Xi’an! “Three rivers and one mountain” greenway is an ecological slow-moving system integrating riding, walking, sightseeing, leisure and other functions, which is planned and constructed based on the Diding road built by Chanba River, Weihe River and Fenghe River and S107 mountain tourism road.

The greenway opened this time is 293km long.

Welcome children to join us! Get on the bike and set foot on the exclusive riding lane.

A total of 39 post stations open synchronously with the greenway can provide sports, dining, leisure, sightseeing, shopping and other services.

Three rivers and one mountain greenway, known as “Xi’an beauty burst greenway”! The whole journey is 293km, uphill and downhill.

There are greenways for cycling in the whole journey.

There are no other vehicles and the road condition is good.

It is definitely the first choice for leisure cycling! There’s no dust and noise here.

It’s quiet and leisurely.

All the way, the birds sing in the forest.

The greenway runs against the mountains and lakes.

In the meantime, the cool wind blows in the face and raises your eyes.

There are mountains and mountains.

Three or five friends ride together for a nature appointment.

Between riding and hiking, watch the scenery on the roadside step by step, feel the breeze blowing through the hair room, and the green is wrapped around your body, It’s a long lost feeling of freedom! Activity introduction [recruitment object] children participate in the activity alone.

Teenagers aged 7-12 [registration conditions] are healthy and have no related diseases that are not suitable for cycling, such as knee, ankle, cardiovascular, hypertension, epilepsy, hernia, high myopia (greater than 600 degrees) and other diseases that are not suitable for cycling.

Please provide your child’s physical data, age, height, weight and other relevant information when signing up.

Safety comes first in cycling, but it is inevitable to bump in outdoor activities.

Parents and family members who are too worried should not sign up.

Each person has a professional riding insurance.

Safety first.

We will do a good job in safety education and protection.

For the safety of each child, the company will conduct communication evaluation.

Whether the registration is successful depends on the evaluation results.

The right of final interpretation belongs to the company.

[activity time] one day study tour every weekend, Saturday 09:00-16:00, Sunday 09:00-16:00 [activity place] the assembly place is different every weekend.

Please consult the teacher for the specific place.

[registration fee] 398 persons / class, limited.


Membership price: 378 yuan / person / class.


Super value discount: sign up for 10 classes and get 1 class free.

[activity items] cycling in three rivers and one mountain / 24 solar terms study tour / Encyclopedia of nature small class / physical fitness / relieving visual and mental stress [cost includes] lunch: simple meal, adjusted according to different activity locations.

Materials: public materials required for the course, professional sports equipment (bicycle, helmet, knee protection, elbow protection) Teacher: leader, professional teacher fees, teachers and students than 1:5 course: activity planning, courseware, organization and service fee safety: each person has a professional safety insurance medicine: first aid topical medicine (bandage, anti-inflammatory drugs, disinfecting apparatus, band aid and so on) photos: shooting live photos [activity registration] payment to WeChat or Alipay account number 18966830117, Miss Liu.

Please sign the name of your application: the name + ID number + telephone.

Directly sign up in the “natural experience home” applet.

[instructions for activities] please register and pay 48 hours in advance.

Successful registration is subject to payment, and 10 people will travel / full.

Each person has a safety insurance.

Please provide the name and ID number of the participants.

If you are unable to participate normally for some reason, you will be refunded in full 24 hours before the event; No refund after 24 hours.

The participants are willing to participate in outdoor activities.

By default, the accident is borne by the insurance company.

The company will actively cooperate with the insurer to provide relevant services.

Listen to the teacher’s arrangement during the activity, and do not act without authorization.

The activity is free from wind and rain to ensure that all activities are carried out on the premise of ensuring safety.

The final interpretation right of the activity belongs to the company.

Schedule: spring outing 08:40-09:00 gather at designated place 09:00-09:30 warm-up exercise, course publicity 09:30-10:30 cycling course 10:30-11:00 natural study tour, rest adjustment 11:00-12:00 cycling course 12:00-13:30 lunch time, rest 13:30-14:30 cycling course 14:30-15:00 natural study tour, Team games 15:00-16:00; cycling courses 16:00-16:10; there are so many benefits of dissolving cycling at a designated place! As a very common way of outdoor aerobic exercise, cycling helps to improve cardiopulmonary capacity, promote nutrient absorption, enhance muscle and bone development, and achieve the purpose of growing tall and enhancing physical fitness.

It is conducive to brain development.

It is necessary to keep stable during cycling.

Observing the surrounding environment and controlling the bicycle to avoid danger can well exercise our nerve reflex ability and contribute to the brain development of teenagers.

It is conducive to mental health, cycling helps teenagers stay away from the interference of social adverse factors such as online games, and helps teenagers establish a correct outlook on life, values and society.

It is conducive to improving social skills.

When you are in a team riding break, you can occasionally chat easily with your partners, get to know more positive and sunny good partners, expand the communication circle of teenagers and improve social skills..