Cycling, mountain climbing, jogging I can’t sit still after watching the five sports suitable for spring

Spring has come.

You should travel, enjoy flowers and exercise.

Don’t exercise in March.

You’re sad in June.

Take a look at the sports suitable for spring.

Let’s act together.

01 cycling is an endurance aerobic exercise that can best improve people’s cardiopulmonary function.

It can not only enhance cardiopulmonary function, but also make people symmetrical.

Recommended route: Port – central area – needle fish ridge bridge – Xiwan Huanhai Avenue – sea crossing bridge – Longma Mingzhu square scenic spots along the way: Fubo Cultural Park, urban beach phase II, egret Park, Beibu Gulf Marine Cultural Park, four venues, West Bank Park, Longma Mingzhu square 02 mountain climbing.

The air in the mountain is fresh in spring, which can improve lung ventilation and increase vital capacity, It’s good.

Often taking part in mountain climbing exercise also has a good effect on joints, bones and muscles.

For example, the rough roads in the mountains are beneficial to enhance the coordination ability of limbs.

Especially walking on non stepped roads without artificial modification can thicken human muscle fibers and enhance limb flexibility.

Tuyuan | Liu Hua’s recommended location: Xianren mountain, wangzhouding, Nanshan, wugongling 03 jogging jogging can improve the quality of human sleep, eliminate tension, and play a good role in improving cardiopulmonary function, improving the body’s metabolic capacity and enhancing the body’s immunity.

For outdoor jogging in spring, you can also see green everywhere, which is also good for the recovery of vision.

Tuyuan | Liu Hua’s recommended route: rope skipping on both sides of Xiwan greenway, Taohua Lake Park, Taohua bay square and Yuanbo Park 04 belongs to aerobic exercise.

It can burn a lot of fat and improve heart and lung vitality, body agility and coordination.

Beautiful women who hope to have devil figure in summer, now start to act! Recommended location: Home / open space 05 Yoga for you who have lived in a winter, your body may accumulate a lot of toxins and small meat may grow out; The coming of spring is the beginning of action for us.

Doing yoga together can enhance our disease resistance, delight our body and mind, and cultivate our body and body.

Recommended location: Home / gym precautions 1 Be sure to make preparations and warm up before exercise.


Step by step, the exercise intensity should be appropriate for people, and the items and amount of exercise suitable for their actual level should be selected.


Spring is relatively dry, and there is a lot of perspiration during exercise, so you should pay attention to the timely supplement of water during exercise at this time.


Stretch and relax properly after exercise.

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