Wearing helmet without buckle, riding safety is discounted!

What is “one helmet with one belt” and “one helmet with one belt” are safety helmets.

The “belt” is a safety belt.

Wearing a helmet and fastening a safety belt with a small action can save lives at a critical moment.

In two similar accidents, motorcycle drivers did not wear safety helmets correctly, resulting in the safety helmet being thrown off at the moment of collision, resulting in the driver’s head injury.

Relevant research results show that when an accident occurs, Riding helmets can absorb most of the impact force, play a role in cushioning and shock absorption, reduce the proportion of injured people by 70% and the mortality rate by 40%.

The head injury rate without helmet is 2.5 times that of wearing helmet, and the fatal injury rate without helmet is 1.5 times that of wearing helmet.

For the electric bicycle driver, the helmet is equivalent to the seat belt worn by the car driver, and it is the last line of defense when the rider encounters danger.

Sanya traffic police warm tips for riding electric vehicles and motorcycles, please remember to not only wear helmets, but also fasten buckles, and “wear” helmets correctly! Dear express and takeout boys, your every effort and enthusiasm can arouse more people’s awareness of civilization and responsibility, and can make our city more civilized.

Let us take action to build a beautiful, civilized and harmonious road traffic environment in Sanya! Sanya Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of Sanya Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment..