Cycling around Qinghai Lake – daily trip

D1 Xining – erlangjian of Qinghai Lake – cycling base camp (warm-up cycling for 10 km) at 1:30 p.m., Xining starts to Qinghai Lake by car.

The car breaks the ice and gets to know each other.

All the way to the camp.

Distribute equipment for training and warm-up, and observe the triumphant victory of the previous senior team members.

Ride the rape field beside Qinghai Lake, go up the Nanshan Mountain along the rainbow highway to overlook the panoramic view of Qinghai Lake and feel the charm of the holy lake.

D2 erlangjian – Jiangxi Gou Township – Qinghai Tibet highway – HEMA River (cycling for 68km) bathes in the morning light, does stretching exercises, gets on the bike refreshed, races excitedly with cattle and sheep, and looks at the continuous grassland, cattle and sheep all the way west through erlangjian peninsula.

Have lunch in the Heima river at noon.

In the afternoon, you can choose to visit the sky No.

1 Chaka Salt Lake, or empty yourself at the sea sacrifice platform of Qinghai Lake.

In the evening, stay at the best observation point of sunrise in Qinghai Lake, Heima river.

D3 Heimahe – Huanhu West Road – Bird Island – G315 National Highway – Quanji township (90km ride) today, we rode on the most beautiful Huanhu West Road in Qinghai Lake, grassland on the left and lake on the right.

No one disturbed us.

We passed by the prayer flags and mani mound.

We stopped here for a moment, sprinkled the praying wind horse, and left sincere blessings for ourselves, family and friends.

In June and July, you can also see the beautiful scenery of Huangyu reflux and feel the power of life.

Stay in Quanji Township in the evening.

D4 Quanji Township Gangcha hargai ganzihe Xihai town (110km ride) today, we will ride through Gangcha County, the largest county around Qinghai Lake and known as the seaside Tibetan city, and then pass through ganzihe Township, the hometown of Proctor’s gazelle, and arrive at the atomic city of Xihai Town, the atomic city.

This is the first atomic bomb development base.

There are too many secrets waiting for us to explore.

D5 Xihai town – Jinyintan Grassland – Jinsha Bay – Huanhu East Road – erlangjian – Xining (72km ride) after getting up in the morning, ride through Jinyintan grassland and Jinsha Bay desert to experience the magnificent scenery of the holy lake and the sand sea.

Have lunch at Hudong sheep breeding farm at noon, return to the large rape sea on the South Bank of Qinghai Lake in the afternoon, give awards and awards at the headquarters, end our tour around the lake, return to Xining by bus (around 19 o’clock without traffic jam), and hug and bid farewell.

Activity cost and peak shift travel during the group period: 1699 yuan / person; single room difference: 260 yuan; June 17, June 21, June 25, June 29; July 3, July 7, August 24, August 28; September 1, September 5, September 9, September 13; September 17, September 21, September 25, September 26; September 27, September 28, September 29; peak season travel: 1999 yuan / person; single room difference: 560 yuan; July 9, July 11, July 13, July 15; July 17 July 19, July 21 July 23, July 25, July 27, July 29, July 31, August 2, August 4, August 6, August 8, August 10, August 12, August 14, August 16, August 18, August 20, August 22, September 30, October 1, October 2, October 3, October 4.

The cost details include 1 Personal equipment: branded mountain bikes, helmets, gloves, bibs, raincoats, trouser belts, safety reflective vests (distributed uniformly); Cushion, pack, and front bag (apply for collection).


excellent team leader: arrange accommodation, lead the team to break the wind, and adjust and repair vehicles (drivers and team leaders with 8 or less people).


Support car: follow the team all the way, rescue and open the way, load luggage and reduce the load.


accommodation: Standard Room of independent bathroom hotel for 4 nights.


Round trip transportation: Xining Qinghai Lake round trip shuttle.


Exclusive gifts: Huanhu hero certificate, 20million +500000 outdoor insurance, Huanhu medal, travel gift bag, mineral water, fruit, fengma.


Public equipment: oxygen tank *1; Interphone, tire mending and air pumping tools, first-aid kit drugs (iodophor, alcohol, Yunnan Baiyao, etc.; if you need other drugs, please bring them by yourself).

The cost does not include 1 AA takes care of their own meals (morning, afternoon and evening are not included).

Members from all over the world have different tastes.

They leave the choice of food to everyone.

The principle is not corruption and self abuse.

Prices on the grassland are high.

Breakfast in Qinghai Lake is about 15 yuan, and lunch and evening meal is about 35 yuan.


fare and tickets for carpooling from HEMA River to Chaka Salt Lake.


other expenses not mentioned in the itinerary.