[warm news] 6. A bad start and a warm end on the road of juvenile cycling

On May 8, six teenagers made an appointment to ride on the waterfront Avenue around the river.

They didn’t want to be hit by heavy rain first, and then slide because of rain.

Two of them fell and were injured on the road near shuichongkou.

In the heavy rain, when several teenagers were helpless, they returned home safely with the warm-hearted help of enthusiastic citizens and urban management team members.

“There’s someone waving in front.

Stop and see what’s going on?” At about 2:30 p.m.

that day, when the Chengzhong district urban management team members who handled the complaints of the smart urban management platform returned to the road near the shuichongkou of Huanjiang Binshui Avenue, they saw a citizen holding an umbrella standing on the roadside and waving to the law enforcement vehicles.

The urban management team stopped to understand the situation and waved to the citizens that when she was passing by, she saw a group of teenagers riding bicycles standing in the rain soaked all over.

She got off and gave them two umbrellas.

In the process, she found that two of them were still bleeding in their hands.

After asking, the teenager said that she fell while riding a bicycle.

She didn’t know how to deal with it for a moment.

She just saw a law enforcement vehicle coming, so she waved to stop, hoping that the law enforcement officers could help these teenagers.

In the communication with the teenagers, it was learned that six people were classmates in the first grade of a middle school.

On the same day, several people met to ride on Huanjiang Binshui Avenue.

When they rode near shuichongkou, they encountered heavy rain.

Because several people didn’t bring rain gear and were drenched through, they simply went home in the rain, but the road was slippery in rainy days, and a section of road near shuichongkou was just a downhill road with continuous curves.

Two of them lost control of their vehicles and fell down, their hands and feet were scratched and bleeding, and one of them, a boy in black, was even scratched on his abdomen.

Their wounds were very painful after being wet by the rain, so it was difficult to continue cycling.

At this time, the rain was still falling, and there was no shelter nearby.

They had to stand under the tree and wait for the rain to stop until enthusiastic citizens came forward to help.

In the communication, because they didn’t know the injuries of the two teenagers, the law enforcement officers said they could help inform their parents, but both said they were in no serious condition and didn’t want their parents to know.

They just wanted the law enforcement officers to send them to their own community.

Subsequently, the reinforcement vehicles rushed to the scene and sent several teenagers home one by one.

At parting, the teenagers expressed their gratitude to the law enforcement team members…