Four problems of careful riding in summer

On summer weekends or small holidays, many people like to ride bicycles in the suburbs, which is cool and fitness.

However, they should be prepared in the early stage of happy travel and be careful to prevent heatstroke, foot cramps, sunburn and cold during the journey.

Before the trip, it is best to prepare a certain amount of self-defense drugs, such as wind oil, anti mosquito liquid, Huoxiang pill, etc., as well as a large amount of water, chocolate, umbrellas, etc.

Sunscreen generally contains chemical and physical protective ingredients.

These factors can prevent us from being tanned, and also have the function of protective layer, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation and direct damage to the skin.

Generally, when we stay in the sun for a long time, we will slowly feel the tingling feeling of the sun.

The ultraviolet rays are stronger in July and August.

Sticking to sunscreen can reduce this pain! When using sunscreen accessories, it is recommended to wear sleeves and leg covers with sunscreen function, or directly wear lighter long sleeved cycling clothes and cycling pants, so as to reduce the damage of tanning and ultraviolet rays.

In addition, it is easy to have gaps at the junction of clothes.

For example, small hats can be worn on the cheeks, headscarves can be worn on the neck, and stockings should be worn on the ankles to avoid leaving special “marks”.

Wearing riding glasses, I believe all riders have experienced being blown to tears by the wind and flying insects flying into their eyes.

In the process of naked eye riding, eye tears and other symptoms caused by foreign bodies such as wind, dust and flying insects will not only hurt the eyes, but also easily fall off the car and rub the eyes due to blurred vision, but also easily lead to conjunctivitis.

During riding, the rider’s eyes will absorb ultraviolet rays reflected from the sun and the road, and excessive ultraviolet rays absorbed by the eyes will lead to cataract and other diseases.

Therefore, you should choose a pair of riding glasses, which are protective accessories.

They can not only block oncoming foreign bodies, but also reduce the absorption of ultraviolet rays.

In addition to the fierce sunshine, the sweat of the antiperspirant belt can also hurt the eyes.

When riding during the day, sweat is like rain, and the sweat has salt.

If it enters the eyes, it will stimulate the eyes and cause redness, swelling and inflammation.

You can wear gloves and wipe your sweat in time to avoid irritating your eyes.

Antiperspirant belts are also a good choice.

You can wear them if you need them.

Also, it’s best to take an eye drop with you, which can relieve the dryness and discomfort of your eyes.

Girls also need to carry moisturizing spray.

In addition to necessary sunscreen products, it is also necessary to carry moisturizing spray with them.

After sweating, wipe the sweat on the skin surface and spray with moisturizing spray, which can not only replenish moisture in time, but also relieve the red and hot skin after the sun.

Avoid the maximum time of the sun around noon.

If you are still used to riding in natural light, you can choose to go out at dawn.

With the increase of time after sunrise, the sky will become brighter and brighter.

The earliest sunrise time in summer is around 5 a.m.

and by the end of October, the sunrise time is around 6 a.m.

Because it will feel very hot at 8 a.m., the so-called “closing time”, which can be used for about 2-3 hours.

About one hour of cycling can be arranged on working days and at least three hours on rest days.

You can also choose night riding in summer, but you need to consider that the safety is relatively poor.

Therefore, lighting equipment such as headlights and tail lights are indispensable.

The route must also be carefully selected.

It is not suitable to choose the road section that is too dark or with more vehicles.

If it is less populated, it is recommended to take group action.

Beware of foot cramps.

If you don’t get ready for exercise during the journey, you can easily cause foot cramps.

You can ride slowly for a period of time to adapt your feet to exercise, and then slowly increase the amount of exercise.

After long-distance riding, your feet will be congested and swollen.

Lie flat during midway rest and pad your feet as high as possible to promote blood circulation.

If there is a slope with a small slope, you can also lie down and rest for a while with your head down or put your feet on your bike.

Beware of heatstroke.

The recent high temperature in summer makes everyone choose to travel in the morning or evening, but sometimes the temperature on the road is higher than the general room temperature, especially in the afternoon.

If you ride on the road without cover for a long time, you may suffer from heatstroke.

Therefore, in order to avoid heatstroke, you must cover your head and drink some water from time to time.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty.

It’s best to drink light salt water or some mineral water, Replenish the salt and minerals lost in sweating.

When riding in dry areas, you should apply some grease in the nasal cavity to avoid drying the nasal cavity and ensure smooth breathing.

In case of heatstroke, we should pay attention to shading the patient, let him drink more water, apply some medicine such as wind repellent oil, and continue after a short rest.

If the symptoms are too serious, we should go to the hospital immediately.

Beware of sunburn.

Some people feel that they sweat a lot when cycling.

It’s not good to wear a hat instead of wearing it.

Even a large amount of sunscreen oil and other sunscreen fluid can not completely prevent sunscreen, and it is easy to suffer from skin burns, dizziness and other symptoms after long-term exposure.

Therefore, it is not enough to avoid sunscreen.

It is best to wear a hat and veil, which can prevent both sunscreen and dust.

Beware of colds.

Summer is also the rainy season.

Many times, it will rain locally after the scorching sun in the afternoon.

Except for cycling, you should also prepare a raincoat or umbrella, or choose to wear some rainproof windcoats, etc.

However, it’s best to bring a light long sleeved clothes outside the quasi Ben, because sometimes the temperature will be lower after the rain than when you go out.

If you get caught in the rain, it’s easy to catch a cold, and if the clothes are sweaty and wet, you can also change them, which is also a good way to avoid catching a cold.

If you have to sleep in the open, you should take a damp proof pad with you.

Put on dry clothes and trousers, put on a raincoat and lie on the damp proof pad.

And the time should not be too long.

Do not lie down in sweaty clothes at will…