Comprehensive introduction to cycling, direct graduation after reading – the second bullet

When we ride, many people are easy to fall off when turning, which is caused by the wrong braking time and the failure to control the speed.

When turning, you should brake and decelerate before entering the corner to control the speed to a level where you can turn safely.

If you have to brake hard to slow down in a corner, you should be ready to fall.

When we ride on the road, we must pay attention to taking the bicycle lane instead of the motor vehicle lane, otherwise we are prone to collision accidents.

And when riding on the road, you must not go retrograde at will, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents.

When we ride, we should try to get familiar with the brake and learn to control the brake.

We need to remember that the brake of the bicycle is mainly the front brake and supplemented by the rear brake.

For example, when you use the front brake in a steep downhill turn, you must control your front and rear brakes at the same time, and do not press the brake too hard all the time.

You need to brake in a tight and loose way, so as to prevent the brake from locking and rolling forward.

If only the rear brake is used, it is likely that the brake will not work.

The front brake can give the rider the maximum braking effect.

When we ride, we need to focus on your attention and focus on the direction you want to move.

Remember “sight = route”.

When riding at high speed, your sight is the direction of your riding, which will guide our bike to where.

Otherwise, accidents such as car crash and collision are waving to you.

When we ride, we need to control the center of gravity of cycling.

Too high center of gravity will affect your stability.

Keep the stable value of the center of gravity lower to be more stable.

If during the course of turning, keeping the whole of people and vehicles, using low handle position and lower center of gravity is the correct way to turn smoothly.

The second is to focus on the front wheel as much as possible.

This is more conducive to stable riding.


Training the body with good physical fitness before riding is the basic guarantee of long-distance riding.

Before starting, it is best to do some physical training every day, including long-distance running and endurance training.

Secondly, push ups, pull ups, leg pressing, sit ups and other sports can strengthen the muscle strength of legs and abdomen.


Choose a mountain bike, which is suitable for exciting leaps such as wild gravel roads, stairs with high and low drop, earth slopes and jumping platforms; Road vehicles are suitable for laying flat roads.

They can climb slopes on urban roads and rural trails, and can enjoy the sense of speed of running against the wind.


Check the vehicle condition and equipment before riding.

Check whether the tires and brakes are intact, whether the tires leak, whether the brakes are sensitive, and whether there are other potential safety hazards before departure.


Check the food supply.

Before departure in the morning, be sure to eat enough food to ensure energy supply to avoid hypoglycemia and other symptoms.

Also, check whether the food is prepared adequately.


Wear helmets and corresponding protective equipment.

Before departure, you must wear riding helmets, glasses and other relevant protective equipment.

You must be responsible for your own safety, start safely and return safely.


Pay attention to the braking system when going downhill.

If you follow the team, you must strictly control the speed when going downhill.

Standing downhill is prohibited.

The distance between the front vehicle and the vehicle should be kept at a distance of 5 ~ 10 meters.

Multiple people are not allowed to go downhill side by side to ensure riding safety.


Pay attention to clothes when riding.

Jeans and high-heeled shoes should not be worn when riding.

Don’t open your coat when riding, which can reduce wind resistance and avoid physical consumption.

Buy professional riding clothes.

When your trouser legs are loose, you can tighten them with trouser belts to avoid being polluted by oil pollution from chains and tooth discs, and prevent the trouser legs from rolling into chains and tooth discs to cause traffic accidents.

Before each ride, you should pay attention to the above matters to avoid danger in the ride.

Start safely and ride happily.

I hope everyone can have a happy ride…