Usability test of “riding space” applet

01 # project objective # 1 understand the availability of the “riding space” applet # 2 find out the problems in the use of the applet in time # 3 provide suggestions for the version update of the applet # 02 # survey overview # 1.

Design 7 use tasks for the three modules of the applet, and 6 people participate in the test 1 Participants: 2 internal employees and 4 external users Task content: including browsing the specified page, participating in activities, participating in integral tasks, buying a car, etc., which fully covers the core functions of the applet.


Test process: including early communication, test execution, questionnaire scoring, post test interview and other links.

2、 More than 80 usability problems were found, and corresponding improvement suggestions and priorities were put forward.

1 Most problems are found on the bike page, and corresponding adjustment suggestions and priority scores are given for problems that seriously affect users’ understanding and use.


Use sus usability score and ASQ scenario post test questionnaire to quantitatively score each task, and use the data to explain the usability level of each module.

03 # content excerpt # 1.

Research process and methods 2.

Problem summary shows more module problem summary.

Please check the detailed report and give improvement suggestions for the problems on each page 03 # acquisition method # want to know the complete content of the usability test of riding space applet? Scan the QR code below and enter the password to view the file.