Two little fresh meat rode for 100 days without changing clothes… Capricious enough to look straight at!

Please make no mistake.

This is not an advertisement for washing powder.

Conner Morton (left) and Tanner ballengee (right), two bloggers from the United States, travel to Southeast Asia in a different way from our usual new Matai tour.

The two rode motorcycles all the way, so with the photos before and after riding above, you can imagine how the white T-shirt can be destroyed to become this color.

“The jeans are greasy when it rains, but the T-shirts are not greasy when they are washed with gasoline and rain.

But they are not really greasy when it rains.” The cycling route of the Duo: they call this trip “harsh barge”, which covers eight Asian countries and a total length of 20000 kilometers.

Because the outdoor meter is broken in most cases, they can only calculate the total trip through Guge map.

But Gu Ge’s map is the calculated straight-line distance, so the journey in the wrong direction will be missed.

The two brothers said that Gu Ge’s map gave them 1000 kilometers less, maybe more! Eight countries are mainly in Southeast Asia, including 4900 kilometers in India, 4300 kilometers in Indonesia, 3200 kilometers in Vietnam, 3200 kilometers in Thailand, 1600 kilometers in Nepal, 1060 kilometers in Cambodia, and short-distance cycling in Malaysia and Myanmar.

The funny trip began in a bar.

Tanner is a writer and photographer in Kansas and a skateboarder.

Conner is Tanner’s donkey friend.

Once while drinking in a bar, Conner said he wanted to travel to Southeast Asia.

Drunk Tanner said he wanted to go together without thinking about it.

As a result, Conner really went to Thailand to be a teacher six months later, so the little partner who had made the oath saved seven or eight months’ money and came to the appointment.

Conner started riding on March 21, and Tanner later joined on May 23.

How wonderful it would be if the trip had been so beautiful all the way! Even if there is no beautiful scenery, it’s good to have beer and Bago company.

Instant Beverly Hills street shot feel, there is no! But…

Your hair grows so fast that you can only pick up a hat on the ground and wear it if you can’t shave your head.

Once in a lifetime, I met a kind-hearted man who asked the two brothers to stay in a hotel under decoration for free.

After going out for a visit, I found that the boss was very nice and equipped with air conditioning.

But your sister drowned all my possessions in the dust.

To hitch a ride, you must be graceful.

Whenever Ma Ma asked me how I was, I patted my luggage and showed it to her.

What a long long road! Titanic, that’s it! There is a saying that you should pay it back after all.

Take off your socks as gloves, and your feet can’t stand it.

Take a plastic bag as a pad, and as a result…

It’s time for adversity to see the truth.

Sleeping on the street, you can still have a good sleep.

Sometimes, you can also play little refreshing.

In Nepal, eat snacks with a picture of a little fat man as a spoon.

Fat man, please put up with my saliva.

Riding in Southeast Asia is not alone.

For example, in the streets of Vietnam, you find everyone riding.

It’s hard to sleep on the street, but it’s different to light a campfire! He shot his own Ralph Lauren blockbuster.

After riding in eight countries in Southeast Asia, it seems that the brothers have not been abused enough.

They played Mississippi River rafting for another 100 days.

The clothes don’t look so dirty this time.

During the trip, Tanner had a whim and published a photo album.

Dialogue harshbarge1.

You call yourself harshbarge.

What kind of travel is this? → barge is a new word.

When used as a verb, it means to do something completely unprepared, high-risk and regardless of the consequences.

As a noun, it means a risky and moderately dangerous trip.


What made you decide to travel? Where did you get the money to do this? Connor: I just want to go out and have a look.

I saved thousands of dollars to travel to Europe by train and bus.

It’s very interesting, but it’s too expensive over there.

TANNER: I’ve been thinking about leaving for a trip for many years, but I haven’t started yet.

I just graduated from college.

I think this is an opportunity.

So, before graduation, I started the crazy money saving mode.

I worked three jobs a day, and I saved all the money I could save.

My parents didn’t help me much.

When I returned to the United States, I was completely bankrupt.


Why do you challenge such a way of travel? Instead of traveling by air? → TANNER: flying is not fun! And it’s expensive! Flying is just to fly from here to there.

It’s not a trip.

→ Connor: riding a motorcycle is more fun than taking public transport! As the old saying goes, “the process is more important than the destination.” Motorcycles are more efficient than walking and more exciting than driving.

You can have more opportunities to get in touch with local people and nature.


What is the biggest gain from this trip? → Connor: freedom! I can now decide with complete freedom when and where to go.

During the journey, I met people I couldn’t meet in my previous life and did things I couldn’t do before.

I will never care when the bus leaves and when the last train is.


Why do you set those travel rules? → TANNER: for more fun.

At first, it was just fun.

Later, we wanted to challenge ourselves to see how long we could last..