Riding in autumn, Hangzhou, these high-value routes, sports, scenery and photos, all of them!

Autumn is just right! Get on the bike, listen to the autumn wind, enjoy the autumn leaves, feel the autumn colors and enjoy the autumn sunshine…

It’s nice to think about it.

Today, Hangzhou microenterprise will take you to unlock a wave of super beautiful autumn riding lines, pick a day, and make an appointment with Shangtang River Greenway in Xiacheng District.

There are five types of configuration facilities such as commerce, culture, transportation, tourism and rest, combined with greenway post station and public implementation land to form eight supporting facilities concentration areas.

Along the greenway are Zhejiang University of technology, automobile Town, Chengbei Sports Park, etc.

Gongshu District comes to the greenway of Xiaohe straight street, where the green water is surrounded, and the small buildings with white walls and black tiles stand by the river.

The block also retains the architectural style of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, and brings together many cultural and creative studios, home life museums, art museums and cultural collections with strong artistic atmosphere.

During cycling, we can feel the collision between retro and modern, and see the historical imprint of the Millennium Grand Canal.

Longwu tea Town, West Lake District, is a national 4A scenic spot and provincial characteristic town, with a tea garden of 10000 mu and a quiet village.

Ride a bike, wash your eyes and lungs in the green mountains and waters, and feel the most beautiful 10km of Hangzhou Longwu sports and Leisure Park (cycling Park).

After cycling, you can also spend a perfect weekend in Longwu.

This way of sports and vacation will burst your circle of friends.

In the autumn of Binjiang District, riding all the way against the river wind, watching the river surge, the side forests are dyed, and you can also meet the unexpired crape myrtle flowers.

On Wentao Road, along the Qiantang River, the most beautiful track with a total length of 17.4 kilometers is a must for autumn cycling.

The blue is the running track and the red is the cycling track.

Citizens can feel the charm of autumn here in the morning and evening.

The greenway around the lake in Xiaoshan district is the most suitable for cycling in Xianghu Lake.

The greenway around the lake in phase III is 7.6km long and 4.6m wide.

It includes seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple.

Each color is about 1km long and is surrounded by the lake in phase III.

The greenway starts from chuyangtai, passes through siting bridge, Zhenghe bridge, Meishan, Jinsha swimming, he Gongdi, Dingshan square, Dingshan Island West and Xianghu Road, and finally returns to chuyangtai, connecting all the scenic spots of phase III of Xianghu Lake.

The cycling line near Fairy Lake is beside Fairy Lake in Dai village, Xiaoshan District.

There is also a beautiful greenway.

In autumn, you should get on your bike and go to an appointment with fairy lake to feel the infinite beauty of the long sky in autumn.

Ride by the fairy lake, listen to the wind, enjoy the scenery, like smoke and dream.

Riding in Jingshan mountain in Yuhang District, you can follow the Tiaoxi water slowly and have a refreshing and leisurely trip.

Recommended route: xiaogucheng village scenic spot – qianjiatan – Shuangxi Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot – Tong’an temple.

Starting from the scenic spot of Gucheng village, ride along Tiaoxi towards Tong’an temple.

It is very refreshing with wide vision, wide sky, low clouds and gurgling streams.

The total length of this route is about 12.3 kilometers.

Along the way, you can enjoy the scenery of Tiaoxi.

You can also pass through Shuangxi Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot and enjoy a pleasant trip along the shoals, bamboo sea, streams and mountains.

Qianjiang beach on the left, Siling reservoir on the right, Chunjian Township in Fuyang District of Shuangxi Zhuhai on the North Bank of Fuchun River, starting from Qiaoxi reservoir, embarked on a 25 kilometer ride through Changling village, riding greenway, jianshanwu and other places.

The 10000 mu tea garden extends all the way to see the beautiful scenery of Chunjian.

Every autumn, riders from all over the country gather in Chunjian, such as flowing scenery, riding in the “tea art town” with bamboo rhyme and tea fragrance, and experiencing the smart landscape in the “flavor mountain town”.

The greenway around Qingshan Lake in Lin’an District, with a total length of 42.195km, is located within the scope of Qingshan Lake National Forest Park.

The mountains and lakes along the line form an interesting contrast, one step at a time.

During the passage, the cool wind blows in the face, and the eyes are raised.

There are mountains and peaks, which are integrated with Qingshan Lake National Forest Park.

Since the completion of the greenway, it has been rated as one of the top ten classic greenways in Zhejiang Province, the second “most beautiful Greenway in Zhejiang”, a typical case of sponge city construction in Zhejiang Province, and has been praised by the central media for many times.

Wanli section of the south line of Fuchun Greenway in Tonglu County is located in the three rivers and two lakes scenic spot and Luci rural slow life experience area, facing Yan Ziling fishing platform, a 4A scenic spot across the Fuchun River.

With a total length of 9.85 kilometers and a width of 3 meters, relying on the advantages of mountain, water and urban resources, the greenway connects cruise ship wharf, rest platform and other facilities, allowing tourists to walk in the realistic version of “Fuchun mountain residential map”.

In the golden autumn when the sky is clear, it’s most pleasant to take a walk to Fuchun greenway, see the layers of forest dyed and listen to the wind blowing through the woods.

On both sides of the beautiful Chunyang highway in Chun’an County, flowers bloom into the sea, and beauty has reached a new level.

Accompanied by purple Verbena, orange Canna, yellow golden pheasant chrysanthemum, red beauty Yu and white thousands of green trees and flowers, they all pick up their mobile phones to take photos.

The road has a broad vision and a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery all the way, which makes people intoxicated.

Jiande Greenway in Jiande city starts from Qiantan town in the East and yandongguan in Meicheng in the West.

It is designed along the Bank of XuXi River and Fuchun River.

The whole journey is about 18 kilometers.

There are many post stations along the way, and battery cars, bicycle service stations and other supporting facilities.

The greenway is located in the core area of Qili sailing scenic spot in Jiande, with fresh air, beautiful environment and dense vegetation.

It is rated as one of the top ten classic greenways in Zhejiang Province.

Qiantang new area runs all the way west from Jiangdong Bridge, where there is a beautiful riverside greenway – Qiantang riverside greenway.

The greenway starts from Jushou River to Jiangdong Bridge, with a total length of about 16.2 kilometers..