Ride 800 kilometers home! Hundreds of thousands of people working hard in Guangdong once again shocked the circle of friends!

City • life • people’s livelihood • entertainment is about to celebrate the new year.

Have you all returned home? On the Spring Festival Transportation road these days, there are still a lot of people carrying big bags and small packages to return home day and night Among them, there is a special team – “motorcycle army”.

They are a unique scenery in the Spring Festival transportation.

You may never have noticed them They go home by riding motorcycles After the start of the annual Spring Festival transportation, hundreds of thousands of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong ride motorcycles and embark on the journey home in order to catch up with the Spring Festival They often have to ride hundreds of kilometers and return to Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other places for the new year after more than 10 hours of wind and rain You may wonder why they don’t take the train? Because many of them can’t surf the Internet and can’t grab tickets on 12306 website.

They don’t understand what acceleration package and what registration and login What’s more, do you think it’s better for a few hundred people to come by train? Save some money and buy a new dress for your child Some people live in mountainous areas because the mountain roads are rugged and difficult to walk.

If there is a motorcycle to walk back and forth, it will be much more convenient for relatives So every year on the eve of the Spring Festival, they will choose the most cost-effective way to go home by motorcycle! The villagers contacted each other through QQ or wechat.

They came together in groups.

On the appointed day, they filled the motorcycle with oil, loaded with grain, hot water, large and small bags of new year goods, took their wives and children, and began to set out before dawn Thousands of motorcycles galloped on the road and roared past in the cold wind.

The scene was spectacular and burning They must wrap themselves tightly and look a little bloated ~ many people put a raincoat on the outside of their clothes and tie their feet into shoe covers with plastic bags to cope with cold weather and long journey They have to walk and stop and warm up, because they will be attacked by fatigue and stiff hands and feet after riding a motorcycle for a long time If it rains and cools in winter, the road will be slippery and muddy, and the passing cart will splash mud all over them ▲ this is the foot of the “knights” of the motorcycle Army (picture / Oriental IC).

The weather is cold, the road is wet and slippery, and their vision is unclear.

They will slip and fall accidentally, and they will inevitably break down with a flat tire On the endless cycling road, life and death are in danger, or in a moment Everyone who can get home safely may have passed death They are like migratory birds, facing the cold wind and rain in winter, relying on a thin motorcycle, trekking thousands of miles over mountains and mountains, just to get together for a few days ~ even if they fall on the road, even if the wind and snow are heavier, it’s nothing ~ because they know that someone is waiting for them at the end of the road The warmth of riding on the way home.

Every rider on the Spring Festival Transportation road has his own different story ~ even if the journey is long and arduous, it is warm to have a lover, family and friends with him 1.

On January 23, in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, master Chen, 38, who said “the children are waiting for us at home”, got up at 4 a.m.

He filled the drink bottle with a full bottle of water, took two bottles of eight treasure porridge, tied up his packed luggage, and stepped on the motorcycle.

He plans to ride a motorcycle with his wife back to his hometown in Guangxi for the new year.

Because he still didn’t buy a train ticket after all his efforts.

The bus ticket is 400 yuan each.

The husband and wife are 800 yuan one-way, and it costs 1600 yuan back and forth.

But when they go home by motorcycle, the fuel cost is up to 300 yuan each time “It’s all right.

The money saved can buy a lot of things for children…” He said with a grin.


“On January 25, Foshan, Guangdong,” she accompanied me on the way home…

” Master Wu and his wife, who are also from Guangxi, almost fell down when their motorcycle slipped in a puddle when they drove into Gaoming gas station.

Master Wu propped up the car with his feet and said awkwardly, “I’m used to it.

I’m bound to trip several times along the way.” After parking the car and taking off their helmets, the couple’s faces flushed by the wind under their messy hair.

Unable to clean the mud on the clothes, Master Wu’s lover immediately took out the thermos from the back of the car, poured a cup of hot water and handed it to her husband.

“We have been working in Foshan for three years.

Although it’s hard to ride a motorcycle home for the new year every year, excluding the fuel and food on the road, two people can save more than 700 yuan.” “It’s not lonely on the road, because she’s here and will talk to me…” Master Wu said proudly while drinking water and looking at his wife nearby.

1 “on January 26, Wuzhou, Guangxi,” I used to be a knight of Spring Festival Transportation…

” A 27 year old rural boy from Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, is helping the motorcycle army check vehicles in the gas station on the Teng County section of Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province, at the junction of Guangdong and Guangxi.

This year, instead of riding a motorcycle home with fellow villagers for the new year, he chose to be a volunteer to serve the fellow villagers on their way home.

The gas station here allows the motorcycle army to refuel for free.

“That year, I came here to cheer like them.

Now I have the opportunity to do something to help the villagers go home.” The young man talked about his reasons for being a volunteer.

He knew it was not easy to ride home.

“Once he went home by motorcycle.

In the heavy rain, he didn’t bring his raincoat.

His clothes were soaked.

He had to endure the pain to the gas station and run to the toilet to change his clothes.” He hoped that all the knights who rode home could get home safely..