Cycling around Chengdu for 100 kilometers

The route starts from Jincheng Lake in a full circle of 100 kilometers – the distance from Jincheng lake to Jincheng lake is about 95km-104km.

It takes about 4h-10h.

The greenways and surrounding park facilities in the western and northern areas are still being optimized, so it is difficult to ride.

The time for replenishment and going to the bathroom should be arranged in advance.

Route 2: located in the Fourth Ring Road of Chengdu, the 100km Ring Road in Chengdu is a ring road built along the Chengdu ring expressway.

The total number of kilometers is 100km, and the whole process is mainly flat road + rolling road.

The uphill road is about 20km in total, the downhill road is about 20km in total, and the flat road is about 60km in total.

Riding is not difficult.

Good physical strength: it can be done in 5-6 hours; Average physical strength: 8-10 hours; The most beautiful section of the greenway around the city is the section from the entrance of chengshuang avenue to Qinglong Lake Wetland Park, with a total length of about 40km.

Electric vehicles are prohibited in the whole process of Chengdu greenway around the city!! If you ride more than 20km, you can only ride more than 20km.

If you are tired, you can only ride more than 20km.

If you want to complete the whole lap of 100km in one day, it is recommended to rent a mountain bike or moped with variable speed at Chengdu feideng post station.

Of course, you can also bring your own car, but it is recommended to use mountain bike or moped.

Chengdu feideng Sichuan Tibet post station – provides local high-end bicycle rental service in Chengdu for group construction and personal rental.

The main models are: 1.

Merida Duke Series (27 speed oil brake) 65 yuan / day; 2.

Power assisted mountain bike (range 110km): 120 yuan / day; (suitable for physically weak ladies and cyclists) 3.

Flat handlebar highway car 100 yuan / day; Precautions: 1.

There are many greenway riders on weekends and holidays.

When renting bicycles, you must book with feideng in advance to avoid airborne.

There is no car to rent; 2.

If you want to ride 100 km, try to start before 10 o’clock to avoid catching up with the night road; 3.

Prepare enough water and dry food before going to the greenway, because the post stations and canteens along the greenway have not been opened; 4.

The lunch place is marked on the guidebook and the lunch time is reasonably arranged; 5.

Helmets and soft seat cushions are provided free of charge.

Short finger gloves and headscarves can be purchased at feideng to avoid hand pain and tanning..