Tips for handling common faults in cycling

There will inevitably be some problems during long-distance riding.

Let Xie Zhengkuan, the principal of KHS cycling school, and Li Fuxiang, the expert, teach you some tricks! Trick 1: clean your bike after troubleshooting.

After removing the chain or broken chain, your hands are bound to be covered with oil and sediment.

If you continue to ride, you will certainly dirty your handlebars, face or clothes.

What should you do? ▲ after the chain is removed or broken, there is oil on your hands.

Elimination skills at this time, look around the surrounding environment, you can make good use of the weeds on the roadside, and you can immediately clean the dirt on your hands.

Remember to rub until the leaves are wet, you can immediately clean the oil dirt and sediment on your hands, and then use the water in the kettle you carry to wash your hands slightly.

At this time, you don’t have to be afraid of soiling the handlebars or face.

▲ make good use of weeds on the roadside and rub them until the leaves are wet; Then rinse slightly to restore clean hands.

Don’t lose your old socks if you don’t wear them.

Put them in the cushion bag with the tools.

If you deal with them with bare hands next time, your hands won’t get dirty.

Unique skill 2: not only the inner tube is scratched, but also the outer tube is cut and broken.

What should I do? ▲ not only the inner tube was scratched, but also the outer tube was cut.

There was no outer tube to replace.

What should I do? Exclusion skills cyclist Li Fuxiang will take out the paper money in a leisurely manner, fold it in half, and then lay it on the inner side of the hole.

With the fat and strong fiber of the paper money, it can be supported for a while.

Trick 3: how to stand at attention? For the sake of safety, almost all road vehicles are not equipped with foot supports, because when a large group of people and horses ride, they ride one after another for the benefit of aerodynamics.

If a rider with foot supports also joins in a short battle, you will accidentally insert your front wheel into his rear wheel and the side of his foot supports, and you will be caught and fall.

How to stand at attention and park a road vehicle without foot support when you can’t find a place to lean on? Exclusion skills: put the helmet on the ground, put it under the pedal of the bicycle, turn the pedal upside down and clamp it on the helmet to stand at attention.

▲ demonstration: when you can’t find a place to lean on a bicycle, you can also stand upright with your own helmet.

Trick 4: how to avoid falling into the gap between the front foot support and the rear wheel? Many bicycles are equipped with foot supports to facilitate parking.

However, when people ride in groups, they may ride in a row in order to reduce wind resistance, but sometimes because they are too close, the front wheels of the rear car may be inserted between the rear wheels of the front car and the foot supports, which is the danger of falling down.

What should we do? Exclusion skills are protected when they are seen.

Maybe they can’t be used now, but if they are seen now, they can be used next time.

The way to get out of danger is not to brake urgently when you get stuck, but to step forward with force so as not to lose your balance and cause a car crash.

It’s too late to catch the rear wheel and foot support, but if you get stuck to the foot support, you will really fall off the car, so please refuse to ride with the riders with foot support.

▲ if your front wheel is inserted between the rear wheel of the front car and the foot support, remember to step forward with force so as not to lose balance.

Unique skill 5: half of the ride fell off the chain.

What should I do? When cycling, after encountering a pit, the chain jumped out and fell on the inside of the market.

But at this time, if the brake suddenly stops, it is very dangerous for the backward partners.

What should we do at this time to eliminate the falling chain? Troubleshooting skills don’t worry at this time.

Speed change is your best tool.

First step gently, change the front transmission to a small disc, and then change to a large disc again, that is, you can hang the chain back to the toothed disc while riding, and you don’t need to use your hands, and your hands won’t get dirty! ▲ if the chain falls on the inner side, the chain can be hung back to the large disc gear by changing the speed…