This kind of electric bicycle will not be on the road next year! From tomorrow on, it can be eliminated and replaced in advance

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According to the relevant provisions of the regulations of Zhejiang Province on the administration of electric bicycles, non-standard electric bicycles shall not be allowed to drive on the road from January 1, 2023.

From April 10 to the end of September, the province will carry out activities to encourage the early elimination and replacement of non-standard electric bicycles for filing.

Citizens can carry their ID card and record non-standard electric bicycles that need to be eliminated and replaced to go to regular electric bicycle sales businesses for elimination and replacement.

Why is it forbidden to go on the road? The old standard for electric bicycles implemented in 1999 lacks fire prevention and flame retardant performance, charger protection and other indicators, which is prone to spontaneous combustion and does not meet the needs of safe use.

Moreover, non-standard electric bicycles without tamper proof technology are easy to be illegally refitted by “increasing battery capacity, installing other devices, refitting controllers or motors”, resulting in excessive vehicle quality and inadequate battery short-circuit protection, affecting the handling stability and braking performance of vehicles, and easy to cause traffic accidents.

At present, Hangzhou has recorded about 2.93 million non-standard electric bicycles, including about 750000 in the main urban area.

What is the filing of non-standard electric bicycles? Why eliminate replacement? What are the preferential policies? I’ll show you once! What is the non-standard of electric bicycle? Answer: it has been filed with the public security department, but it does not meet the requirements of gb17761-2018 technical code for safety of electric bicycles.

Basic requirements of gb17761-2018 technical code for safety of electric bicycles for electric bicycles: ① the mass of the whole vehicle (including battery) shall not exceed 55kg; ② The maximum speed shall not exceed 25km / h; ③ Must have pedal riding function; ④ The motor power shall not exceed 400W, and the nominal voltage of storage battery shall not exceed 48V; ⑤ The height shall not exceed 1.1m, the width shall not exceed 0.45M, and the center distance between the front and rear wheels shall not exceed 1.25m.

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