“What’s the experience of a brother being green by a bike?!” After the details of sand sculpture came out, I collapsed directly. Hahaha

One crying two laughter three recognize mother do not wait for children to fall behind to know that the official account does not cost a cent of education classes, raise excellent children to click on the bottom card, teach you to be a good mother source: Hello, Wang Genji, I am Lu Xiaofeng! Sister Feng, you! Welcome to today’s welfare program! Please check today’s share ~ if you feel good, support every day.

Remember to share it with those in need 1 bike I always feel that my girlfriend is not a virgin.

After a slap, I lie in bed and ask who she gave it to for the first time? She hesitated for a moment and shed painful tears: in junior high school, the same boy was very bad.

He wrote me a small note and wanted to chase me.

I ignored him.

As a result, one night, it was very dark.

He unexpectedly…

I asked jealously: did he bully you? His girlfriend said: Well, he unloaded my bike seat.

I didn’t see it, so I rode it.

                                                                                                                                                       2                              Fried Hu played mahjong with some unfamiliar card friends today.

One of the fat men played cards with too much ink.

He was sure which card to play for a long time! I shouted out to him in a hurry: stop the ink! I’m overwhelmed! I really took it! He stood up, looked at my card and said: pay me quickly! You dare to blow up your beard! I didn’t blow up my beard…..












3 Cooking a single girl in our group recently began to learn to cook.

When she was having a hot meal yesterday, she looked at her lunch box and said, “eat French fries today?” She said, “I wanted to make hot and sour potato shreds.” looking at the potato shreds about the same thickness as French fries, she was very embarrassed.

Instead, she commented on other “yes, and tomato egg soup.” she said, “I wanted to make scrambled eggs with tomatoes, but there was too much water…” Xiao Ming went to the company for an interview.

He called him in and sat down.

The interviewer showed a surprised expression and said: young man, don’t be nervous.

Xiao Ming: I’m not nervous.

The interviewer said: you really don’t have to be nervous, just talk.

Xiao Ming is puzzled: I’m really not nervous.

The interviewer is angry: are you really not nervous? Xiao Ming: I’m really not nervous.

Interviewer: not nervous.

Why are you sitting on the tea table? 5.

Unconvinced, I asked my colleague Xiao Li to have lunch.

Xiao Li waved his hand to Xiao Li: “I went on a blind date yesterday and ate eight small steamed buns.

It’s still uncomfortable now.” I asked, “why do you eat so much?” Xiao Li said, “the girl I dated ate six cages.

I’m a man.

How can I lose to her?” I asked again, “did she say anything when she saw you eat so much?” Xiao Li said, “she was unconvinced and asked me to have potstickers at the weekend.


I bought a turtle on a business trip with long eyes and didn’t allow it to be taken when I got on the plane.

I was so quick that I put the turtle into my crotch and got on the plane.

After I sat down, I was afraid that the turtle would suffocate, so I untied the zipper and put out the turtle’s head.

The stewardess passed by and kept twisting her head.

I said,” what are you looking at? Haven’t you seen it? ” The stewardess blushed and said, “I’ve seen many of these things, but I’ve seen them for the first time.” Yesterday’s most enchanted girl was selected in the keego interactive column as today’s most enchanted girl!! She will appear again tomorrow——————————————————– Like this column, please support and praise! Comments! forward! A dragon! A dragon! A dragon!..