Please don’t say that to the bike shop!

Excellent shop mechanics are the idols of many riders.

They can help riders repair all kinds of difficult and miscellaneous diseases.

If you like bicycles, please don’t say these words to the mechanic in the car shop! Their hands are often stained with oil.

If there are many cars repaired, they often have to stand all day, but they don’t get the respect they deserve.

Don’t think they will be very relaxed.

They all like bicycles, but they are so busy that they don’t have time to ride bicycles.

So you can’t be right.


No, it’s so expensive.

How much do I buy online? If you can buy it online, why do you still come to the car store? Do you need a mechanic for installation and commissioning? The knowledge and experience of mechanics and time are also money.

Is it genuine online? There are other expenses for car rental.

Who will pay the cost? 2.

I just changed the inner tube yesterday.

Why did I burst again today.

Is it a quality problem? Come on, a flat tire depends on your character and your choice of cycling route.


This part was broken by my car.

Is it still under warranty? Um.

But please know that man-made is not warranted.


It only took you less than 5 minutes to repair this and you didn’t change the parts.

Why do you charge me 10 yuan? Please know that time and knowledge are also money.

If you change to a car 4S store, will you still think it’s expensive? 5.

Can you tell me how to fix this? If it’s simple and I’m not busy, I can consider telling you, but you must know that it’s not an obligation, but I’m happy.

In addition, I am only responsible for maintenance.

If I need training, I need to charge.

I have a lot of long-term experience, so there is no need for me to talk about it.


I won 15 places in the last game.

It’s not bad.

Can you sponsor me? Hehe.

There are too many people better than you.


Can I borrow XX tools? First, machinists rely on tools to survive.

You borrowed them.

What do they use? Second, tools are the treasure of mechanics.

They know how to use them correctly.

If you use them, you may damage the tools.

Third, if you borrow one or two minutes, there is no problem.

If you want to borrow it for a long time or often, please buy some tools.


I have activities on Saturday (take the car to the car store on Friday night).

Can you come to pick up the car tomorrow morning? If you have an important ride, please make a plan in advance and arrange the maintenance of your car.

I may not be able to do things in a hurry.


It’s boring for me to ride alone…

Sorry, I can’t help it.

If I come to more club activities, I can find the oil or sister paper to ride together earlier.


The XX car in your store is not cost-effective.

How much is the same configuration of XX brand? If you use the money to buy a joint venture car to buy pure domestic products, the configuration must be much higher.

The question is, do you see his design and style? Is the car with the same price of lightning or trek worse than the configuration of giante? Just take what you need.


This question belongs to sales, and mechanics are often asked.

Having said so much, I really want you to understand and respect the mechanic in the car store.

If you really like bicycles, please don’t talk to the mechanic again.

They are very tired.

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