The six “poisoning stages” of cyclists, which stage are you in?

After entering the pit, you will definitely feel the fun of cycling.

In addition, you will find endless equipment pits waiting for you to jump in.

Now let’s see your poisoning degree of bicycles and compare whether there are potential stocks suitable for pushing pits around! Lv.

0 zero basic passers-by has never been in contact with bicycles and has no intention of riding.

They think that all bicycles are made by giante.

When it comes to bicycles, they are just passers-by without any reaction.

Famous saying: “bicycle? I can’t use it!” “Is your car giante’s?” “Why don’t you buy an electric car when you have to step on your bike?” Equipment: nothing lv 1 commuting.

The definition of bicycle is just a commuting tool.

It may be a second-hand bicycle.

It doesn’t hurt at all if it’s windy and sunny.

As long as it can ride, it’s OK.

I think 24 speed is higher than 20 speed, and I won’t repair a flat tire or a broken chain.

I can’t understand why bicycles can be sold more expensive than cars.

Famous sayings: “if you can ride a car, don’t waste money”, “you can buy an electric car for this bike” equipment: a bike with insufficient tire pressure, rust on the chain and harsh braking sound.



For some reason, holiday riders began to contact cycling and know how to do basic maintenance.

They have spent more than 2000 yuan on bicycles.

They can distinguish brands other than giant and Merida, and understand some basic common sense.

The articles in the novice zone have been read once.

Occasionally, they itch and bounce other people’s frames.

Basically, they ride only when someone asks to ride on a holiday.

There are always various reasons not to ride.

Famous words: “it’s hot and I don’t want to ride”, “it’s cold and I don’t want to move”, “it’s too early to get up”, “girls about riding to get there” equipment: 2k~4k bicycles, helmets and some basic accessories.


3 cyclists began to fall into the bottomless pit of cycling.

They knew many bike brands and could pronounce Campagnolo correctly.

They had inexplicable feelings for European bike brands, usually more than one bike.

People who buy things at home with a zero price automatically, or who think that 24 speed people are superior to 20 speed people, care not about speed but taste.

Famous saying: “I ride handsome, not fast”, “I tell you, my car…”, “no, this thing is very cheap” equipment: at least one bike at home is more than 10k, and there are many expensive accessories.



Self challenge.

It’s impossible to increase knowledge and buy things alone.

Take pleasure in challenging your limits and constantly breaking through achievements.

I will ride my bike when I have time.

With good physical strength, I often go to the event area to sign up for activities.

On weekends, I will stay in front of the computer and look for my game photos.

It’s useless to know that no matter how well equipped, foot strength is everything.

Famous saying: “did you sign up?”, ” Ride together! ” “It’s here in three minutes” equipment: not necessarily.

Some spend a lot, and some have a car from beginning to end.

The main money is spent on supplies, transportation and registration fees.


God man can play almost everything.

Riding is already a part of his life, and some even open car stores.

Ordinary routes can no longer satisfy him.

They are all running to deep mountains or abroad.

As long as we talk about bicycles, the chatterbox will never close.

There are always a lot of stories to tell.

Friends said that he would immediately think of bicycles.

Famous saying: “which country are you going to ride in this year?” “I want to ride Beijing to Paris.

How can I get there?” Equipment: it is no longer the key…