Riding the Sichuan Tibet line, here comes the strategy

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At the end of May every year, the Sichuan Tibet line begins to bustle, including hiking, cycling and self driving.

Everyone goes to find the desired Tibet in their own way.

July is the time when the number of cyclists on the Sichuan Tibet line is the largest.

Most of the travelers who ride and self drive travel choose to enter Tibet through the Sichuan Tibet line at this time for vacation reasons.

The reference temperature of Sichuan Tibet line cycling equipment cycling route in summer is about 15-25 degrees.

In normal seasons (April June or September October), the daytime temperature is about 10-18 degrees, and the evening temperature is less than 10 degrees.

These are normal riding seasons.

The Sichuan Tibet line is more than 2000 kilometers long.

In addition, you need to browse many high mountains, and the mountains along the way are undulating.

It takes a lot of physical strength.

For most people to complete it more safely and smoothly, the 24-day route is for your reference.

During the 24-day trip, a two-day rest is designed.

If you are in good health, you can give up rest, depending on your actual situation.

D1: Chengdu – Chengdu Wenjiang Qiong Expressway – Qianjin town (lunch) – Qionglai city – Mingshan district – Ya’an City (125km) D2: Ya’an City – Feixianguan town – Tianquan County (lunch) – Zishi Township – Lianglu Kou – Xingou township (90km) D3: Xingou Township – Erlang Mountain Tunnel – gangudi (lunch) – Luding Bridge – wasgou township (73km) D4: wasgou Township – Kangding city (lunch) – zhedotang village – Xueshan folk house (40km) D5: Snow Mountain dwellings – zhedoshan pass (casual meal) – Muya Holy Land – waze Township – Xinduqiao (56km) D6: Xinduqiao – gaoershan tunnel – bajiaolou town (lunch) – Yajiang County – xiangkezong Village (84km) D7: xiangkezong village – scissors bend mountain tunnel – xiongzongka (casual meal) – Jiala pass – Honglong Township – Litang County (112km) D8: Litang County (lunch) – maoya prairie – Wuliang River – Hani Township (repair in the morning, 57km in the afternoon) D9: Hani Township – Haizishan pass – sister Lake – Deda township (lunch) – Leyi Township – dangba Township – Batang County (115km) D10: Batang repair one day D11: Batang County – Jinsha River Bridge – Wenquan villa (casual meal) – Haitong military station – zongba mountain – Mangkang (105km) D12: Mangkang County – Lawu mountain pass – Rumei town (lunch) – Lancang River – jueba mountain pass – dengba Village (85km) D13: dengba village Dongda Mountain Tourist Service Center Rongxu military station Dongda mountain pass Zuogong county (73km) D14: Zuogong County Wangda town tiantuo town tiantuo Village (lunch) – Bangda town (104KM) D15: Bangda town Yela mountain pass Nujiang 72 turns tongni Village (lunch) – Nujiang bridge Basu county (95km) D16: Basu County Jida township (lunch) – anjula mountain Ranwu Lake (90km) D17: Ranwu Lake – midui glacier – Yupu township (lunch) – songzong town – Bomi county (130km) D18: Bomi County repairs for one day D19: Bomi – Guxiang – Qu Village (lunch) – 102 tunnel – Tongmai town (80km) D20: Pailong Township – Layue township (lunch) – Lulang international tourism town (72km) D21: Lulang international tourism town – Sejila Mountain Pass – Bayi Town – Nyingchi city (70km) D22: Nyingchi city – baiba town – Bahe town (lunch) – gongbujiangda county (133km) D23: gongbujiangda County – Jiangda Township – JINDA town (lunch) – Jiaxing Township – Songduo town (96km) D24: Songduo town – mirashan – riduo Township – zaxigang Township – Mozhugongka County – Dazi County – Lhasa City (180km) precautions during cycling 1.

Outdoor activities have certain risks, and you must have a good assessment of your health, Don’t act rashly.

It’s best to consult relevant professionals to buy an insurance for yourself before you leave for a rainy day.


The Sichuan Tibet line belongs to high altitude areas, and it is difficult to ride.

We must strengthen physical training in advance.


In high altitude areas, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the ultraviolet radiation is strong, and the weather changes very quickly.

Pay attention to prepare more clothes, and pay attention to cold and sun protection.


Although eating and living in Tibetan areas have blossomed everywhere at present, there are still great differences in the whole eating habits, eating and living environment.

Be prepared in advance and do as the Romans do.

318 appreciate the scenery of the South Sichuan Tibet line.

The South Sichuan Tibet line passes through Chengdu, Ya’an, Xinduqiao, Litang, Daocheng, Yading, Batang, Mangkang, Zuogong, Bangda, Basu, Ranwu, Bomi, Lulang, Bayi, gongbujiangda and Lhasa.

The whole journey is about 2250km.

This road goes from the basin to the plain and then to the plateau; From hills to mountains; From rainforest to grassland and desert…

Beauty and magnificence coexist, elegance and craziness coexist.

The beautiful scenery along the way is even more fascinating.

Hailuogou, Ya’an arrived not long ago.

The first glacier on line 318, the lowest altitude glacier, is covered with frost and sand, snow all the year round.

The snow mountains are tall and steep, magnificent, and proudly enjoying the changes of the world.

318 there are many snow mountains along the way, and zhedo mountain is the first, also known as the first pass of Kangba.

The mountain road spirals upward and turns 360 degrees, which makes the old drivers’ blood boil.

They all like to challenge themselves here.

Xindu bridge, zhedo mountain is just over there.

National Geographic best photography place, photography paradise.

There are endless grasslands, winding streams, golden cypress poplar, rolling mountains, and Tibetan villages with unique styles scattered among them, which are the favorite of the old mage..