The misunderstanding of riding makes you ride slower and more tired

Almost everyone can ride a bicycle, but many people still have many misunderstandings when riding a bicycle.

If you don’t understand these misunderstandings, you will ride slower and more tired.

Misunderstanding 1.

The wrong posture and riding method not only affect the exercise effect, but also easily cause damage to the body.

Such as turning your legs outward, nodding and bowing, etc.

The correct posture is: lean forward slightly, straighten your arms, tighten your abdomen, use abdominal breathing, keep your legs parallel to the beam of the car, keep your knees and hips coordinated, and pay attention to the rhythm of riding.

Myth 2.

The action of pedaling is generally believed that the so-called pedaling is to step down and turn the pedal once to move forward.

The correct pedaling should be divided into four consecutive actions: stepping, pulling, lifting and pushing.

Step on the sole of your foot first, then retract and pull back the lower leg, then lift it up, and finally push it forward, so as to just complete a cycle of pedaling.

Such rhythmic pedaling can not only save energy, but also improve speed.

Myth 3: ignoring the video rate and one-sided pursuit of strength and speed.

Many young people who have just started are greedy for “quantity” and “speed”.

If they have not ridden for a long distance, they ride 50 kilometers at once, and only pursue speed and strength on the way, it will actually do great harm to their body, and serious knees will accumulate water.

The amount, frequency and intensity of exercise are the three principles of exercise.

It is suggested that beginners should increase the amount of exercise after finding a suitable frequency.

The pedal frequency of ordinary people is about 60-80 times per minute.

Each ride should have at least 20 minutes of warm-up with high frequency and low speed (i.e.

more laps and less force) to make the body sweat slightly.

Otherwise, it is easy to have dizziness, nausea and other symptoms due to sudden and intense exercise.

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