Cycling also improves memory, you know?

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It is a very common and convenient means of transportation in China.

People often use it when commuting and outing.

According to the results of recent studies, cycling, like running and swimming, is an endurance exercise that can best improve memory and improve people’s cardiopulmonary function.

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Improve memory cycling exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also help improve memory.

A new study by the University of California has found that cycling every day can help improve memory, according to a recent report in men’s health.

Scientists from the learning and memory neurobiology research center of the University studied 54 participants, some of whom had memory defects and others were normal.

The participants watched a group of pictures first, and then half of them rode a bicycle for 6 minutes, and the other half sat still.

After an hour, they recalled the pictures and took saliva samples from the participants.

It was found that the “Bicycle Group” participants α Salivary amylase levels increased significantly, indicating a significant improvement in their memory.

Dr Sabrina Siegel, the head of the new study, said that cycling can improve memory for people with strong or weak memory, because exercise helps increase the level of norepinephrine in the body, and the increase of the level of this chemical in the brain plays an important role in improving memory.


To improve cardiopulmonary function, cycling requires the cooperation of muscle strength in all parts of the body.

But what we need most is the strength of our heart and lungs.

Therefore, in our daily exercise, we should relatively focus on improving cardiopulmonary function, mainly aerobic exercise – the best way is cycling exercise.

Although running can significantly improve the cardiopulmonary function, unlike the muscles used in cycling, cycling climbing is really hard.

You can appropriately improve the strength of your legs and do barbell squatting exercises (pay attention not to excessive damage to your muscles or other parts).

It can assist in practice, but don’t always focus on running.

Otherwise, if you practice too thick in your thighs, it’s easier to consume too much oxygen and fatigue when riding.

Riding requires endurance, not explosive power.

Improving the overall cardiopulmonary function is the key.

Swimming, ball games (basketball, badminton), rope skipping, fast walking…

The strength of the upper limbs can make you better control your bike, which requires targeted exercises for the muscles such as chest, abdomen, waist and back.

Dumbbell, push ups, sit ups…

Cardiopulmonary function refers to people’s ability to absorb oxygen and convert oxygen into energy.

The whole process involves the blood making and pumping function of the heart, the oxygen uptake and gas exchange capacity of the lungs, the efficiency of the blood circulation system to carry oxygen to all parts of the body, and the function of muscles to use these oxygen.

It is worth noting that it is best not to exercise in the morning.

In the morning, the blood viscosity of the body is high.

Strenuous exercise is bad for cardiopulmonary function and easy to cause thrombosis.

You can put the exercise time between 16:00 and 18:00 in the afternoon.

Riding is a pilgrimage for devout people.

It is a kind of hard practice and experience.

Sometimes I often wonder what is the meaning of riding? Is it persistence all the way? Is it the beautiful scenery along the way? Or the happiness of reaching the destination? Maybe not.

In the heart of everyone who loves cycling, cycling has different meanings.

It may be a feeling of life, a self breakthrough, a pursuit of memory, or a honing of growth.

However, no matter how it appears in people’s hearts, it is the endorsement of a healthy and upward lifestyle.

The process of riding may be very hard and tired, but we always insist.

Even if we are very tired, we are happy.

Challenge, the meaning of riding, but also the meaning of life.

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