The little girl who rode more than 4000 kilometers with her father has made new changes| Smart tutor

Click “reading magazines” at the top left to follow us! Remember the post-90s father Dou Haobei and his daughter? It took more than 4000 kilometers in 71 days.

The father and daughter crossed mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, watched the beautiful scenery all the way, left unforgettable memories, and made netizens envy walking.

The daughter gradually grew up for two years.

The father and daughter traveled across many provinces.

In June this year, they arrived at Mount Everest and made an agreement with their father and dad at the foot of Mount Everest.

Ten years later, they climbed Mount Everest together, stood on the top of the world, and felt the world today, Dou Dou is about to go to primary school, and his father’s and daughter’s trip is coming to an end.

Dou Haobei wants to tell his daughter, “so many people share their love along the way.

I hope they are tough, brave and kind…

These can become the background of your character to be a girl who pursues light!” Two years ago, dou Haobei, who has cycling experience in Tibet for many times, took his daughter cycling from Dongguan, Guangdong Province to Tibet.

He said, “take advantage of your youth to do something that makes you and your children recall tears.” along the way, dou Haobei recorded every bit of “I take my pocket to run and study in nature…” considering the safety and convenience of the journey, dou Haobei began to drive his daughter all the way last year, They camped in Gansu and waited for stars to watch the meteors passing by the campfire.

They saw colorful mountains for the first time in Zhangye.

They rode horses to explore the wonderful Qilian Mountains and saw the most beautiful sunset glow In addition to traveling, dou Haobei also tutored her daughter to learn and cultivate her ability to live independently.

She felt the ground with her feet and knew the world with footprints.

This is a different journey.

Dou Haobei hopes her daughter can understand that as long as she persists day after day, no matter how difficult it is, There are also ways to solve the problem of becoming a primary school student in September this year.

The father and daughter will suspend their travel plans.

Dou Haobei said that he wished his daughter could remember these wonderful journeys.

“Nature is a good teacher, and I believe these experiences are valuable wealth for her growth!” Source | people’s daily, CCTV news, Tiktok @ super daddy, Xinhua Daily Telegraph wechat | read-2005 contribution| Click on the title to view the original text.

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