FSA summer parent-child camp | Qinghai Lake parent-child cycling, measuring the earth with wheels, and chasing the wind and dreams together!

△ the actual record of Qinghai Lake biking camp in 2021 (for more reviews of Qinghai Lake biking videos, you can go to the “junpa” video number to browse) blue sky, snow mountains, Yingming lake, grass like sheep, like beads.

Here is the sapphire on the Qinghai Lake plateau as beautiful as Wonderland.

The fifth year of Qinghai Lake biking is about to start as scheduled this summer vacation! Get on your bike and go to Qinghai Lake with us to pursue your dreams! △ click the above figure to enter the applet registration channel.

Without the block of the window glass, we freely breathe the clear air on the plateau under the blue sky.

During the 100 kilometer ride, the grandeur of the plateau and the pleasure of Conquest are together.

The pleasure of riding and the courage of persistence are together on the path of companionship, so that our hearts are closer to each other.

The troubles of growth disappear in the spiritual communication of the sky and the sea Camp Schedule camp date: July 21 – July 26 key information: the parent-child cycling destination (Xining) Airport around the essence section of Qinghai Lake gathers 10 groups of families aged 5-14, with 45 people in the upper limit.

There is no tent throughout the whole journey.

All hotel accommodation and cycling routes are selected sections around Qinghai Lake, with beautiful scenery, blue sky and white clouds, flower sea and grassland, continuous green mountains Cattle and sheep herds FSA Qinghai Lake cycling highlights ❖ specially selected sections for parents and children to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the motherland, Qinghai Lake ring road is more than 300 kilometers long, and FSA cycling sections have selected the most distinctive 100 km ring Lake route.

We will stop by Qinghai Lake, play parent-child games together, play by the lake, and overlook the deep blue lake, which is refreshing.

Along the way, we will ride the Qinghai Tibet railway, desert, grassland, herds, the most beautiful sunrise and sunset, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the motherland.

△ parent child time when cycling stops △ when you are tired, let’s have another big watermelon on the plateau, which is very sweet ❖ a professional cycling class to lead you to experience the fun of cycling.

Our cycling is serious.

The structure of mountain bikes, the transmission of gestures between rides, the riding essentials of different road conditions, riding posture, and the most basic safety precautions are all the contents we need to learn before riding.

The daily cycling period is interspersed with a double disc summary to constantly adjust our cycling state, move forward to a “professional” Wind Rider, truly feel the fun of cycling, and fall in love with cycling.

❖ there are destination ride settings, experience challenges, and leisure time.

Each ride is on the spot by the leader.

The four-day 100 km ride.

According to the physical fitness and on-site climate conditions, the setting of 10-30 kilometers per day is basically flat.

There are occasional slope challenges, leisure trips, and all day ride challenges, so that children can ride out an unforgettable Qinghai Lake.

❖ special experience outside cycling, expand wider understanding, visit herdsmen’s homes, make Zanba, grind highland barley noodles, make milk tea, and experience the real life of nomads.

△ herdsmen’s tents △ making Zanba △ barbecue in the wild is full of praise.

You must line up to wait for mutton kebabs, walk in the eagle ditch, walk on the ridge, climb the peak, and enjoy the ups and downs of the mountains.

Take a telescope, observe the eagle circling on the top of the mountain, and the wary Pika in the valley, and know the plateau plants.

△ grasslands, pikas and eagles form a food chain on the plateau.

From June to August, when you come to Qinghai Lake, you can see a unique landscape of nature – “half river water, half river fish”, “birds hunting fish”, “carp jumping over the dragon’s gate”.

This is the unique migration scene of naked carp in Qinghai Lake.

The fish gather in the estuary, swim upstream, and spawn, and the birds also fish in groups.

△ watching the migration of naked carp and witnessing the wonders of life ❖ certificates and badges honor riding ceremony, camp completion recognition, certificates and medals for cycling around the lake, and specially designed links and honors make the 100 kilometer challenge full of a sense of ceremony, leaving a touching growth milestone in children’s lives.

The FSA’s unique daily badges still guide and encourage children’s best performance.

❖ professional cycling support team our support team is still configured according to 1:5~1:7, including female team leaders, consisting of leading riders, Rangers, tail mounted riders, full-time team doctors and mechanics; Three logistics support vehicles (1 bus, 1 truck, 1 motor vehicle) follow the whole journey to carry out maintenance, food supply, and pick up and send team members who are physically ill; The camp leader has the qualifications of Wafa (senior first aider of the International Association of field medicine), American Heart Association first aider and Red Cross First Aider; Check the baby’s physical condition every day and pay attention to the baby’s physical and mental safety; Eat scientifically and reasonably to ensure that the baby’s diet is hygienic, reasonable and nutritionally balanced.

❖ FSA photography follow-up service, recording the journey bit by bit photography records has become the standard service of FSA camp.

Most of the team leaders are photography enthusiasts.

The recording equipment of this trip is 2-3 SLRs and 1 aerial camera, hoping to leave the best records for all campers.

❖ riding equipment reference self provided reference: stormsuit, quick drying pants, cycling clothes / cycling pants (optional), outdoor sports shoes, sunscreen products, moisturizing skin care products, etc.

FSA provides: mountain bikes, riding helmets and protective equipment, magic headscarves, sun protection camp clothes.

Suggestion: two weeks before the trip, it is recommended to start appropriate sports training and get ready for cycling.

The specific preparation list will be published in the pre trip notice, which is for reference.

A parent-child trailer is specially configured for the baby, which can be booked in advance if necessary.

Drunken Qinghai Lake, riding is really beautiful! The largest salt water lake in China, with vast territory, vast grasslands, numerous rivers, abundant water and grass, and a quiet environment.

In July, August and September every year, large rape flowers bloom on the North Bank of Qinghai Lake, with blue sky and marshmallow like clouds.

Even those who are not good at taking photos are all large.

Qinghai Lake is the holy lake of Tibetans and the holy land of cyclists..