The fifth day of the camp | cross country cycling, bonfire party, ignite this summer!

“I believe that in a well-organized and well-designed camp, in just a few weeks, students’ learning may exceed the content that a year of formal classroom education can provide.

In a blink of an eye, it is the fifth day of the children’s camp, and the editor and many staff members begin to feel the” missing sea “of parents.

I believe that this” little departure “is also a different experience and challenge for parents.

But for the campers, there are a lot of things to do and new things to feel every day.

They are busy with challenges and games.

Although sometimes they are homesick and unhappy, with the company of friends and teachers, they will soon get rid of their troubles and feel full.

△ cross country cycling experience wild fun forest cross country cycling, as a must experience and experience project in the summer camp every year, is deeply loved by campers.

Shuttling in the middle, there are mountains in the distance, and the taste and scenery of the jungle are on both sides.

The eyes are green and the whole body is happy.

The campers can fully enjoy the gifts of nature.

Use cycling to explore the unfamiliar corners of the city and look at the world from a new perspective.

This is a journey full of challenges, and it is also a journey to be shared at any time.

The campers abandon all distractions, put aside all troubles, and focus on moving forward and far away.

With challenges and cooperation, campers learn to share what they have seen and heard with friends and teammates.

This is the moment when friendship begins.

It has nothing to do with age, gender or school.

It is the purest and best friendship in the world.

△ if children are asked whether they like stories in Shakespeare’s drama class, few children will say they don’t like them; And those fairy tales full of magic, war stories between kingdoms, and even “first impressions” of beautiful love, Shakespeare’s stories contain all the above elements, even beyond the expectations of children.

The foreign teacher led the campers to understand the life story of the great writer, the source of his creation and his road to success.

With dramas and paintbrushes, the campers were exposed to the Shakespeare era and felt the strong vitality of his works.

△ bonfire towards the stars, all wishes come true, the night wind blows, and the last summer afterglow hides in the blue night sky.

The campfire was lit and music sounded.

Campers danced around the campfire with the evening wind to experience this extraordinary night of childhood and explode the whole summer.

/ / once the summer camp is launched, it has attracted much attention, and the opening is hot, but there is no need to worry about the kids who have time to sign up.

The second 2022 British summer school camp will open on August 6.

There are a small number of seats available.

Reservation is urgent! Reservation phone: Kiki teacher: 13100007233..