The cycling camp is open | happy cycling will be started on July 29, with 399 yuan to enjoy a happy childhood!

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Have you ever had the impulse to go anywhere with a sword, parents of the post-80s and 90s generation? Now give your children freedom to carry your unfinished dreams forward.

01 basic stage: riding, braking, turning, turning around Obstacle crossing undulating road 02 advanced stage advancedstage field cycling short distance cycling equipment maintenance outdoor common sense 03 professional stage medium and long distance cycling troubleshooting wilderness survival event activity review coach introduces Peng Jinsheng’s personal experience as a military summer camp instructor 1.2019-2021 served in the 68th regiment of air force UAVs 2.2020 participated in major border tasks 3.2022 served as Gujian mountain military summer camp instructor Feng Yugen, Cheng of the Red Cross Society of China Personal experience of instructors of military summer camp 1.

2019-2021 served in the Shanghai armed police corps 2.

2021 participated in the half marathon in Hechuan District 3.

2022 served as the instructor of gujianshan military summer camp ▲ all route coaches will step on the spot and try riding in advance ▲ we can bring confidence to children, independence, strong courage, responsibility, good enrollment instructions recruits (1) students aged 7-12 (2) have a certain riding foundation, 0 basic students’ parents will inform in advance.

Love sports, obey commands, and actively participate in activities.

(3) Good health, no heart, vision, infectious and other diseases.

Activity time phase I phase II Registration Fee class I: 98 yuan +30 yuan class II: 98 yuan +30 yuan class III: 238 yuan +30 yuan equipment usage fee 30 yuan / class, There is no charge for self-contained equipment, and the full report of three classes is more preferential: 399 yuan (including equipment use fee) activity location phase I lesson I + lesson II navigation search of Binjiang Yufu phase I / lesson III human CS training base phase II / lesson III Jialong Xihai if necessary: the school bus will be picked up during the course, and it will be sent to the training ground in the morning during class, In the afternoon, the cost list will be returned in a unified way after the next class ◆ bicycles + protective equipment (self-contained equipment can be reduced) ◆ teaching expenses ◆ accident insurance expenses ◆ drinks + snacks expenses ◆ logistics support expenses equipment introduction helmet elbow and knee gloves registration method Qiaoqiao teacher 15213277897 warwolf instructor 17830630100 Xiubo outdoor ◆ precautions for junior military academy the ratio of teachers and students to coaches and students is 1:1, The proportion of male and female teachers shall be allocated according to the actual gender proportion of students enrolled.

Travel arrangement we will issue a travel notice to Jianqun one week before the event.

Parents are requested to prepare their children for travel according to the travel notice.

Cost composition ☑ ︎ transportation fee ☑ ︎ coaching fee ☑ ︎ accommodation and site fees ☑ ︎ activity material cost ☑ ︎ insurance premium ☑ ︎ clothing fees and student items.

Fees do not include non collective expenses during the event.

The number of applicants is required to be 5 and no more than 20.

If the number of applicants fails to reach the minimum, the trip will be cancelled automatically and a full refund will be made.

Health requirements health requirements: the child is in good mental and physical health, and has no heart disease or hypertension, There are 17 major diseases (including cancer, chronic renal failure, fulminant viral hepatitis, aplastic anemia, type I diabetes, aortic surgery, major organ transplantation, blindness, deafness, severe burns, severe gastroenteritis, paralysis, benign brain, severe brain injury, bacterial cerebrospinal meningitis, vegetative people, and severe myocarditis, a total of 17) There are no sudden onset diseases, infectious diseases, bone injuries, joint injuries, hypoglycemia, asthma, obesity, disability, high myopia and other diseases or physical health problems.

Please be sure to inform our staff of the true health of your child.

If you need further communication, you can contact our relevant responsible coach.

It’s not easy to prepare for the refund.

Thank you for your understanding.

I hope you can abide by the spirit of the contract and be punctual.

To avoid disputes, parents should read the refund rules carefully.

If the registration and payment are successful, you will be deemed to have approved the refund rules.

If the activity is cancelled due to weather or other force majeure after registration, you will be refunded in full (if there are expenses, the expenses incurred and the bank transfer settlement handling fee will be deducted).

After the registration and payment, the full refund can be made if you apply for withdrawal 15 days before the opening of the camp.

70% can be refunded if you apply for withdrawal 14-10 days before the opening of the camp, 50% can be refunded if you apply for withdrawal 9-5 days before the opening of the camp, and 20% can be refunded if you apply for withdrawal 4-1 days before the opening of the camp.

The official opening of the camp will not be refunded.

For example, for special reasons (physical diseases, sudden accidents, etc.), the fees that have not occurred will be refunded after issuing relevant certificates; Please be sure to carefully determine the time before signing up.

I hope you can respect and understand the work of this organization, have the spirit of punctuality, and do not accept arbitrary refund or cancellation.

When you enroll in all activities of this institution, you need to provide the child’s name, ID number and parents’ mobile phone number to purchase activity insurance.

The guardian of the child is requested to provide the above correct information and ensure that the name and ID number are consistent with the information on the original ID card.

If the insurance is invalid due to the wrong information provided by the applicant, or the replacement of personnel is not confirmed with us, or there is an impersonation, all the risk consequences or accidents arising therefrom shall be borne by the applicant.

If you refuse this institution to buy insurance for your child, this institution cannot provide services for you.

For other matters, the deadline for registration is 5 days before the start of the activity.

Please submit your health examination information before the registration deadline.

If you refuse to submit your personal health information, our organization will not be able to provide services for you..