Riding, not seemingly self-discipline, but love!

Yinchuan’s most relaxing moment is to feel happy when there is a breeze and sunset on the road.

The Yinchuan group practice world is very big.

You can never feel it on the road, but the world is also very small.

As long as you start, you can get there.

Time is the recorder, Accumulated beauty every group practice every time there is growth.

The night when riding a bike is dotted with silver stars.

The street is a little noisy but the wind is very gentle.

At 7 p.m.

on Tuesday and Thursday, the east gate of the flower expo park will not disappear.

During the riding, self risk prediction and healthy riding! Tiktok – Yinchuan group practice video number – Yinchuan group practice click the blue word, pay attention to us, and special thanks..