Riding and treading techniques and training methods

Now people have also shifted their attention from basic riding skills to the numbers on the code meter.

We play with the power meter repeatedly, and even a 1% power increase can make us ecstatic.

What does trampling technology mean? Treading technology refers to sitting on the cushion and treading smoothly, which can maintain fluency in any terrain.

There is no superfluous action in the stampede process, and high stampede technology represents less energy consumption under the same power output.

Perfect trampling skills can be said to be the most important part of riding skills.

Everyone is eager to make their trampling process smooth and even, which not only looks smooth, but also improves your riding efficiency.

Riding efficiency is similar to the fuel consumption of cycling, which means that at the same power, you will consume less energy, which also means that you can ride faster.

There is no doubt about the process of trampling.

If you have been in the car world for some time, you should have heard “trampling to draw a circle” many times.

As shown in the figure, the stampede process of all bicycle projects can be modeled.

For convenience of description, the stampede position is represented by 1-12 o’clock on the dial.

For road drivers, most of the power output is concentrated in the 12-5 o’clock direction when sitting and stepping, because at this stage, you will collect most of the force generating muscle groups, hip and knee extension, and after 6 o’clock, the calf, posterior thigh muscle groups and rectus femoris will exert a little force to accelerate the lifting process.

How to improve when the athlete’s season begins in March, more attention should be paid to the power value, and less attention should be paid to the generation of these values, that is, the treading technology.

Therefore, it is best to improve the stampede ability through some high-quality technical training in the basic period (usually November March) when there is plenty of time and low expectations for sports performance.

It should be noted that trampling training is best carried out at the beginning of training, because fatigue will make it difficult to maintain a good posture, so it is difficult to change the wrong posture after it forms muscle memory, so it is best to ensure that you are in good condition before trampling training.

Three types of methods are introduced below.

Smoothness training this training does not need careful design, as long as you are training in zone 2 and zone 3, you can do it.

Almost anyone can step on a level road with 300W power, but everyone consumes different energy.

The purpose of treading training is to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible while maintaining a certain power (such as 300W).

At this time, you should pay attention to keep in good condition: keep your shoulders relaxed and don’t shrug.

Keep your arms slightly bent and your upper body relaxed.

Breathe deeply and evenly.

For rhythm training, this is a very important thing.

Multi speed change.

Don’t always step on the big gear ratio, and change it in time as the terrain changes.

When you are tired, you will become insensitive and your posture will be deformed, which is unfavorable for the changeable competition.

At the beginning of the season, you will find that the problem is very serious, so you might as well start to solve it in winter.

High step frequency training 1.

On the downhill or on the riding platform adjusted to low resistance, use 1min to continuously increase the step frequency to the maximum value (at this time, your body can still maintain stability), and maintain the maximum step frequency until you can’t adhere to it.

With the increase of stepping frequency, try to relax your calves and feet, especially toes, and rest for at least 3min between groups.


Long distance training with high treading frequency: carry out 2-4h long-distance riding once a week, and the duration is about twice your daily average training time.

Do 6 groups of 1min training in the last 45min, load intensity training three areas (88-90% FTP), and the treading frequency reaches more than 110rpm.

Rest and recover for 1min between each load, so the rhythm will be very fast.

At the end of long-distance riding, people tend to reduce the treading frequency due to fatigue.

High treading frequency training can reduce this tendency, but it will not bring a lot of load.

Low treading frequency training low treading frequency means high torque when the power is certain.

Generally, it is maintained in zone 3 (85-88% FTP), which can increase strength and treading stability, improve the recruitment ability of type I muscle fibers, and improve aerobic capacity: first, warm up in zone 1 and zone 2, and conduct 4-6 groups × After 4min training, the step frequency in the load phase is maintained at 50-60rpm, the power is in the three zones, and the rest is 3min between each load.

The training is best carried out on the hillside with medium slope, not only to improve the power output, but also to maintain a smooth and uniform treading cycle and relax the upper body.

The last kind of rocking training is rocking training, which can be said to be an indispensable technology in riding or competition.

People can’t shake their bike comfortably.

Whether you are a mountain, highway or double repair driver, shaking your bike is a necessary skill.

If your rocking car doesn’t look good, you may need to train for it.

There are many kinds of rocking postures, such as climbing rocking, sprinting rocking and relaxing rocking.

There are also many related tutorials, but the author is not ready to introduce them in detail.

There are two reasons: first, most people spend a short time rocking, accounting for more than 5% of the total riding time; Second, there is no fixed standard for everyone’s bone structure, muscle development, flexibility, coordination and so on.

Therefore, if you are not a sprinter or a climber like cantado, you don’t have to worry too much about the rocking posture.

Just shake more, no matter how you train..