Tell me about your bike experience

The reason for buying a car is very simple.

The amount and maintenance level of shared bicycles in Shanghai are not as good as before.

I hate the feeling of looking for cars all over the street, so I decided to buy a car myself…

Since I have been riding a shared bike for half a year, the demand for cars is clear.

In general, for a man over 175cm, sharing a bicycle is not friendly.

In order to take care of 155cm users, the wheels can only be 24, the body angle is not very good, and the seat is not suitable for sitting for a long time.

If I have to choose, the 185cm version of the yellow car and the seat of the blue car may be the temporary optimal solution.

It can be seen from this that I need a vegetable cart suitable for my height and comfortable to ride 20-30km every day.

First of all, I thought that since sharing bicycles can meet 75% of my needs, it would be better to find the same model.

Finally, after some research, we chose lemonbike, a small green car in the United States, which is not available in China.

All aspects have successfully made up for the disadvantages of sharing bicycles in China, and are not afraid of being mistaken for private locks on sharing bicycles.

The price is 800 package mail.

As an aluminum car, it has three speeds and high cost performance.

However, the problem is that after all, I haven’t seen any real objects, and it’s too rare.

In case of problems, I don’t know where to repair them, and it’s not easy to sell them.

Finally, I gave up.

After some thinking, we decided to put after-sales guarantee in the first place.

The scope of the screening was narrowed down at once.

Decathlon and giante.

The biggest advantage of the two is that there are stores everywhere, and they are not afraid of being unable to repair.

In particular, there must be one in downtown Shanghai within two kilometers.

First, I went to decathlon and found that the reliable car ran for 2000.

The only city car that can sit straight is pure steel, and the weight is actually good, but my living conditions determine that the car is exposed to the wind, sun and rain, and the problem of steel rust can not be avoided.

The car’s 6-speed transmission is also not very easy to use.

The rest of the other models have to ride on their stomach.

I feel that they still rely on the spectrum in all aspects, so I ran to 3000.

Moreover, I am deeply aware that if I want to buy a pile of accessories for a road car, I need a vegetable car.

If I buy a road car, the result is a collection of ridiculed: no lock, basket, rear rack and electric car 😂 Bid farewell to decathlon and go to giante to see the car.

My ultimate goal is to buy a vegetable car after all.

The budget does not exceed 2500.

You must sit on the car and feel it, otherwise it’s all bullshit.

Finally, after looking around the car with aluminum frame, I found that there are not many options, especially when the height is more than 175cm.

The final finalists are only the following options.

I feel that some cars are beautiful, but they are more bargaining.

In fact, they are not so easy to ride.

Especially the first dandy, I am still optimistic about it, but it doesn’t feel good to ride really, or it’s not as good as I thought.

1500 is recommended in several cars.

If girls choose it! Finally, considering the price and the recommendation of a group of bicycle gods, I bought Hunter 2.0.

To be honest, I didn’t feel very satisfied at that time.

I couldn’t sit straight even in a sitting position.

But after looking at the second-hand market, I think it must be reasonable for the old guns to recommend, and the depreciation is also very low.

Even if you don’t like it, you can sell it at a high price, not distressed!!! Before making up his mind, a Japanese car was suddenly planted with grass by a video.

Japanese cars really seem to be an independent technology tree, which is completely different from the mainstream of the west, but it seems to meet my needs.

Others are aluminum frame, rust proof and light, it is directly stainless steel.

The high-end chain has no direct transmission shaft, and the brake has become a structure closer to the car.

Various designs are also particularly suitable for commuting.

It’s really exciting, except for the incredible price.

In the end, Japanese cars were defeated by the lack of exclusive stores.

They all rely on the Internet to provide after-sales services.

It’s not easy to sell.

The price is unreasonable.

No nearby car repairman has experience in maintenance.

If any reader has any trouble, please contact me, especially curious about the use experience! Inadvertently found that giante has a bike, which is basically similar to Japanese cars, with a price of around 2000.

A ride, really good.

It’s very comfortable.

The posture and seats are highly praised, but the steel frame is a little disappointed.

The accessories are all aluminum alloy.

It’s better to make the frame aluminum or stainless steel, so I’ll buy it…

If the readers with good maintenance conditions can consider it, I personally recommend it.

Finally, I rode hunter for a month.

Now I have upgraded the accessories and become the whole team.

The bench was changed and the mobile phone bracket and basket were installed.

It cost a total of 75 yuan.

Add a password lock, a total of 100.

Full body chariot hahaha.

The feeling of using it is that it is faster, stronger, more balanced and worth it.

The more you ride, the more you like it.

There are also disadvantages, 1 The high horizontal bar forced me to learn how to get on and off the handsome 28 bars.

Fell three times.


The aluminum car is as heavy as the steel car.

I don’t feel the advantage except that I’m not afraid of moisture and rain.

Inflexible 3 Variable speed is too complicated for me.

For me, 21 gears and 7 are enough.


The front shock absorber feels like a commodity.

Compared with the decathlon 3000, it is really something of two worlds.

Of course, the price is much worse.

Finally, I’ll give you some experience of buying vegetable cars.


Be sure to test drive, even if it’s a seat, in the store.

Height matters a lot.


Aluminum or stainless steel is preferred.


I personally think the first 42 and the last 7 speeds are enough.

Of course, for most people, the top 42 may be too large.

Internal three speed or internal five speed is OK.

The problem is that if it breaks down, it’s really difficult to repair.

It’s OK to adjust the external transmission once a year.


Try to choose women’s low bar.

If this style is all aluminum, convenient after-sales, and the price is less than 2500, it may be my dreambike..