Hefei! A young man rushed into the water on his bicycle. At a critical juncture, he immediately made this move

At more than 8 a.m.

on April 21, in Binhe Park, Yaohai District, Hefei, a young man accidentally fell into the water with a bang when he was riding his bicycle through the sidewalk near the water.

When everyone was worried, master yuan Yingrong, who was responsible for cleaning up the river garbage in the park, arrived in time in a boat.

“I put garbage on my face.

I heard a bang.” At about 8 o’clock that morning, master yuan Yingrong cleaned up the river garbage here as usual, and suddenly there was a loud noise.

The witness said, “he rode down from there, didn’t stop, and rushed down from here.” Everyone quickly responded that someone fell into the water! Master yuan: as soon as he goes up and down, I don’t think he’s playing with water.

I’m wrong.

The shore edge is still full of height from the water surface, at least 3.5 meters.

It is difficult to save the people on the shore.

No one dares to go down and can’t go down.

Reporter: where did it fall on the water? Witness: the location is about ten meters away.

He rode his car with great inertia and went down.

We can’t help it.

It’s deep.

There’s mud below.

The situation was urgent.

Master yuan had only two words in his mind, save people.

“My boat can’t stop.

I’m afraid he’ll roll under my boat.

I picked it under his armpit like this, and he grabbed it.

I collected it like this.

When I received it, I told him to lie here, and I took it there.

There’s no mud here, there’s a place with stones.

When I pulled it up, the master gave him a horse tie and didn’t talk for half an hour.” Witness: I was so scared that I sat there crying.

Witness: (the person who fell into the water) was unconscious.

I sat there for half an hour and didn’t know what to say when I asked him.

Witness: if the teacher was not here at that time, people nearby might save us.

No one dared to save us.

Who dares to go down when we are 70 years old.

Witness: it’s so high.

It’s 3 meters high.

You can’t get down at all.

Witness: a few minutes later, you’ll die.

When people were rescued, master Yuan went back and salvaged the bike.

“I told you to take a break.

Wait a minute.

When he calms down, I’ll call your adults and ask them to pick you up.” Master yuan accompanied the man until his parents arrived.

“If you want to take my mobile phone, he told me your mobile phone and I’ll sweep some money for you.

I said I don’t want it.” The reporter contacted the man’s parents, who once again expressed their gratitude to master yuan.

We also presented the list of good people for the first time to master yuan Yingrong.

It’s a real hero to stand up to save the drowning person in a critical moment.

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