As for electric bicycles, it will be implemented in Shandong on May 1!

The measures for the administration of electric bicycles in Shandong Province (hereinafter referred to as the measures) have been adopted at the 145th executive meeting of the provincial government and will be implemented as of May 1, 2022.

The measures further clarify that electric bicycles must wear helmets when riding on the road and that service enterprises need to buy insurance.

The measures clarify that electric bicycles comply with relevant national technical standards and use on-board batteries as auxiliary energy, It is a two wheeled bicycle with pedal riding function and can realize the function of electric assistance or electric drive.

Riding an electric bicycle on the road must carry a license plate.

If the license plate is obtained by deception, bribery and other improper means, the traffic control department shall take back the license plate.

When an electric bicycle is on the road, the owner shall submit an application for registration to the traffic control department, hand over the vehicle for inspection, and truthfully submit the identity certificate of the vehicle owner, the origin certificate of the vehicle, the qualification certificate of vehicle products or the import certificate.

Within 30 days from the date of purchase and before registration, the driver can temporarily drive on the road with a valid purchase invoice or other legal origin certificate.

If the information of the registrant is changed or the ownership is transferred, it is necessary to apply to the traffic management department for change or transfer.

Electric vehicles that are no longer in use shall also be cancelled in time.

If the number plate of the electric bicycle is lost or seriously damaged, the owner shall apply to the traffic management department of the public security organ at the place of registration for replacement or replacement.

In terms of parking and charging of electric bicycles, electric bicycles shall not obstruct the passage of other vehicles and pedestrians, occupy special lanes and public areas, and privately pull wires and sockets for charging in violation of power safety requirements.

According to the measures, driving an electric bicycle on the road without wearing a helmet, looking at a mobile phone, making a phone call or facing a fine of 20 yuan shall not only comply with the road traffic regulations of road traffic safety laws and regulations, but also comply with the following provisions: turn on the front and rear lights at night or in case of fog, rain, snow, sand dust, hail and other low visibility conditions; It is not allowed to browse electronic devices, make and answer calls by hand and other acts that hinder safe driving; Drivers and passengers shall wear safety helmets in accordance with regulations; Hang a legal and valid number plate at the designated position; It is not allowed to drive electric bicycles assembled, refitted, installed, altered or forged vehicle codes.

If the driver has the behavior of riding a bicycle to make phone calls, playing with a mobile phone or not wearing a helmet, and violates it for the first time, the traffic control department shall give an oral warning, order it to make corrections, and register relevant information.

If the driver violates it again and refuses to make corrections after being ordered to make corrections, or causes harmful consequences, he shall be fined 20 yuan.

In addition, Whoever drives an electric bicycle assembled, refitted, altered or forged vehicle code on the road shall be fined not less than 20 yuan but not more than 50 yuan by the traffic management department of the public security organ; Those who drive the installed electric bicycle on the road shall be given an oral warning and ordered to make corrections by the traffic management department of the public security organ.

If they refuse to make corrections, they shall be fined 20 yuan.

Service enterprises such as express delivery, Valet driving and takeout need to buy insurance.

With the rapid development of service industries such as express delivery and takeout, the number of employees in relevant industries has increased, which has become a key point of road traffic safety management.

The measures further clarify that service enterprises such as express delivery, Valet driving and takeout should fulfill the main responsibility of safety production, strengthen the management of the electric bicycles, drivers and electric bicycles used for the business operation of the enterprise, and purchase corresponding insurance such as third-party liability insurance and personal accident insurance for drivers and passengers as needed.

In addition, the people’s Government of a city divided into districts may, in accordance with national regulations and in combination with the local actual situation, formulate measures for the release and management of Internet rental electric bicycles within its administrative region.

Internet rental electric bicycle enterprises shall fulfill the main responsibility of safety production, equip special management personnel, and strengthen the management of vehicle detection, maintenance and parking order.

In addition, the measures encourage producers and sellers of electric bicycles to recycle used electric bicycles by means of old for new and discount repurchase, and do a good job in battery replacement and recycling services; Promote the further addition of electric bicycle parking places and charging facilities in public places and communities.

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