Spring Festival discount introduction fun ride starts immediately

Cycling in the spring of 2022 should be “wild”! How can we reach new heights and play new tricks? We have prepared a spring strategy for you, so that you can enjoy your trip with the most “wild” riding posture fun! Activity time: 2022.02.22-03.3101190 series.

The route to “wild” in 2022 has been arranged.

It’s time to upgrade your equipment for your riding journey! Buy cb190x, cb190ss and cb190r and send equipment worth 1280 yuan or oil card worth 1000 yuan.

Everything is in place, waiting for you to embark on the journey.

Or the activity car cb190xcb190sscb190r02nx125 is exclusive to walk through the streets and ride flexibly in the city.

The city scenery is different from that of nx125.

During the activity, if you buy nx125, you will get 600 yuan oil card + 300 yuan Ls2 helmet, or 300 yuan equivalent.

Nx12503nb-x is dedicated to the vitality of the main sports.

Nb-x will capture your heart.

During the event, buy nb-x and give Ls2 helmets worth 300 yuan or license subsidies of 300 yuan.

Nb-x04 Jiayu 110 is exclusive.

If you like to configure high-end and beauty oriented pedals, don’t miss Jiayu 110! During the event, buy Jiayu 110 and give 800 yuan oil card as a gift.

Jiayu 11005, Ruiyu 110 and Yusha 125 exclusively enjoy Ruiyu 110, which integrates “cool, futuristic and avant-garde”.

Comfortable travel in the city represents Yusha 125.

Riding in spring must be eye-catching.

During the event, buy Ruiyu 110 or Yusha 125 and give 600 yuan oil card as a gift.

Ruiyu 110 Yusha 12506 Youku 110, joy 110 exclusive activities, during the purchase of Youku 110, joy 110, 300 yuan license subsidy.

Youku 110 joy 11007 happy shark 125 is exclusive.

If you like happy shark 125, don’t miss this offer.

During the event, the purchase of Xisha 125 will be presented with the original guard bar + the original tail box.

Xisha 125 (online and offline discounts are different.

The specific preferential policies shall be subject to the publicity of local dealers.

For details, please consult the local dealers or Wuyang Honda hotline: 95105798.) If you have “itching”, go to the dealer’s store! A knight should have “self-cultivation”, starting from “making cars”! Come on, wait for you to buy a car! Huangshan Wanquan Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

operates: haojazz Suzuki, Wuyang Honda, Yamaha, Qingqi Suzuki, Guangyang locomotive, Chunfeng power, benali, Guochao QJ, Kaiyue, Benda, and other models (including big trade and import) can be booked.

At the same time, it also operates (5h.

E) Wuyang Honda electric vehicle and calf intelligent electric vehicle.

Wanquan locomotive hall address: No.

38-1, Binjiang Middle Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City (Huangkou bridge under the original bridge outside the bridge) Wanquan locomotive hall motorcycle sales 5S store Honda Huangshan Wanquan store address: Wuyang Honda, No.

19-1, Binjiang Middle Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City Sales front line Wanquan: 17705598777 sales second line Quanshu: 18005597239 sales third line Xiaowang: 18855980987 after sales Telephone: 0559-2537188 daytime (8:00-17.30) after sales Telephone: 15305597239, For special time, Wuyang Honda and Mavericks, please contact 18005597239.

For other models, please contact: 18805598777 Huangshan Wanquan wechat: hswq120714..