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The butcher looked at Liu Xing and smiled.

He turned to Liu Xing and said, “how to deal with the pork? You say, I’ll handle it.

What’s Liu Xing’s temperament? Doesn’t he know? Once this big fat pig is bought, he will definitely keep it for himself.

How can Liu Xing have so much money.

Zhao Liang, who was driven away, turned back at this time.” “Good!” Liu Xing nodded.

After all, it’s not the new year.

Killing pigs is a rare and lively scene.

” Zhao Dongkui couldn’t help saying.

” “This” Liu Xing pondered for a moment.

As soon as he wanted to speak, the sound of brakes interrupted his thoughts.

Zhao Ji, Zhao Dongkui, Zhao Hu, Zhao Biao and others who needed pig blood also rushed to help.

” It has been dark for a long time.

Killing pigs is a troublesome thing, which he has experienced.

At this time, she came panting and was disappointed to see that the pig blood had no share of her.

He just couldn’t figure it out.

Why does Liu Xing have so much money.

Instead, he looked at the butcher with a knife: “brother, it’s getting dark.

Those who want to kill pigs should hurry and rest assured.”..