Spring city adds a good place to ride and walk

The Expo greenway can be used for cycling and walking.

Effect picture our reporter Li sifan reported that the information from Kunming Expo new area development and Construction Co., Ltd.

shows that the construction of the Expo greenway with a total length of 20 kilometers has been started recently.

It is expected that the demonstration section of phase I of the Expo greenway will be completed and opened to the public free of charge within this year.

The Expo greenway is located in the Expo area.

Among them, the first grade greenway is 10 kilometers long and 3-5 meters wide.

Pedestrian and cycling roads will be built.

The secondary greenway is 4 kilometers long and 3-3.5 meters wide.

Part of the cycling road and the whole walking road will be built; The three-level greenway is 6 kilometers long and 2-3 meters wide.

It will mainly build pedestrian roads.

The greenway phase I demonstration section under construction is about 2km long, starting from the north gate of the golden hall and ending at gate 3 of the World Expo Park.

It mainly constructs greenway, service post station, greening landscape, overhead corridor, lighting and intelligent system and other supporting facilities.

It is expected to be completed and opened in 2021.

Different from ordinary slow walking trails and fitness trails, the greenway surrounded by green shade can string the “pearls” of the city’s existing green space, forest land and parks into a beautiful “Green Necklace”.

The Expo greenway will build a smart greenway system with both sports and leisure tourism functions, build a perfect greenway network, interconnect with the surrounding areas, realize the integration of global resources, activate the ecological resources of the Expo area, and organically connect the surrounding resources such as the Expo park scenic spot and the golden palace scenic spot.

Relevant people from Kunming Expo new area development and Construction Co., Ltd.

said that the Expo greenway is not only an ecological construction project, but also a characteristic benefit project to improve the health supporting facilities in the area.

After completion and opening up, it will provide citizens and tourists with a safer and more comfortable walking space, and further improve the forest fire prevention capacity in the area.

Since the innovation and transformation of Kunming World Expo Park, it has always adhered to the commitment and specific practice of ecological protection.

According to the transformation and upgrading plan, a “green open 5A scenic spot” full of vitality and vitality will be presented successively in the second half of this year.

During the transformation and upgrading period, the project closely adheres to the theme of ecological civilization construction, combined with the new development concept and “biodiversity”.

While preserving a tree to protect a forest, the most beautiful flowers in the Expo Park will always bloom.

Source: Palm Spring City..