Six distress signals sent by the body during riding, please pay attention!

Cyclists will encounter all kinds of setbacks and injuries in their long riding career.

Our body is also actively working with all your crazy ideas: travel hundreds of miles a day and ride Sichuan Tibet at any time.

But have you noticed that sometimes your body sends out some distress signals to protest against you? If you don’t notice, the following questions deserve your attention.


Stomach pain is often caused by overeating.

When you’re riding a bike, the energy gel you eat may make you feel good about yourself and full of energy.

You’re as high as a dick cowboy.

But when you stop, too much energy gel makes you feel stomachache and nausea.

The solution is to take proper supplements.

Generally, 30-60 grams of carbohydrates are required for one to three hours of cycling.

Of course, this is only an approximate value.

The specific value needs to refer to your activity intensity and weight.

You can measure how many carbohydrates are right for you: take a few weeks to record the food supplies before and during each ride, and record when they are in good condition and when they are uncomfortable due to eating too much, so as to determine the amount of food supplies suitable for you.


Headache dehydration during riding is cruel, which is often the culprit of your headache, so make sure you have enough water supply, but don’t drink too much.

Generally, the amount of drinking water at one time should not exceed 200 ml, and the interval between drinking water at least 15 minutes.

In addition, it is recommended to wear light blocking riding glasses when cycling in sunny weather, because the strong sunlight will make you dizzy, cause visual fatigue and cause headache.

If you have a headache, it’s OK to take over-the-counter painkillers occasionally, but don’t rely on them.

In addition, when you have a headache after a very intense ride, it is inevitable.

Of course, if you often have headaches on your bike, you’d better check with a doctor.


Abdominal distention for abdominal distention, drinking more water and eating less is always the best answer.

Most people don’t drink enough water to dilute the food while eating too much unnecessary food, so too much food supports your stomach and produces abdominal distension.

You might say, I drink a lot of sports drinks, but the high electrolyte and high sugar drinks you drink can’t provide enough water to balance the body’s water content.

When riding and stepping hard, most of our blood is transferred to our legs, and less blood is used for stomach digestion.

At this time, the key is to make energy absorb quickly, so “dilution” is particularly important.


Leg cramps leg cramps are mostly due to the low electrolyte content in the body.

Generally, put some electrolyte effervescent tablets into direct drinking water to provide sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium for your body.

However, for some leg abuse maniacs, a few mouthfuls of electrolyte sports drinks will not play any role.

They should force themselves to slow down, calm down, ride for more than ten minutes with low power, and gradually disperse the lactic acid accumulated in their legs, so as to preserve strength for the next day’s riding.


Urgent need to urinate if you often want to jump off the seat and rush to the nearest bathroom while cycling, you may need to adjust the angle of the seat or adjust your posture on the seat.

In fact, this problem most often occurs in women.

The reason for the problem often lies in the problem of sitting posture, which makes the seat too much pressure on the urethra.

Find the most suitable posture and the problem will be solved.

If you adjust your seat many times and try different riding postures, the problem still exists.

Maybe it’s a urinary tract infection.

Don’t forget it.

You’d better consult a doctor.


Dry cough have you ever tried to come home after riding in a colder weather and have a dry cough, which makes your lungs cough out…

This is a quite common problem.

Due to the changes of outdoor and indoor temperature, your lungs can’t be adjusted in time, or the cold air makes the lung tissue inflamed and swollen.

If it is a mild dry cough, just take a good hot bath and take a short rest, and the symptoms will subside by themselves.

If you have a persistent dry cough, your respiratory tract may be affected, so seeing a doctor is your first choice.

Good health is the fundamental guarantee that we can ride continuously, so please take care of your body.

When your body sends a distress signal, don’t try to ride a bike.

You should make reasonable disposal in time…